Administration, Department of

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General Information (All Departments)       444-2511
TTY (Telephone Device for the Deaf)       444-1421


Mitchell Building, 125 N Roberts St.
PO Box 200101, Helena, MT 59620-0101

Director, John Lewis       444-3033
Deputy Director, Mike Manion       444-3310
Director's Office        444-2032
FAX Number       444-6194
Communications Director, Amber Conger       444-5764
Senior Policy Advisor, Vacant        
Executive Assistant, Belinda Adams       444-2460
Strategic Management Analyst, Lauren Berka        
Burial Preservation Board       444-2460

Office of Legal Services

Chief Legal Counsel, Michael Manion       444-3310
Attorney, Health Care & Benefits, Terri Hogan       444-3447 
Attorney, State Human Resources, Matthew Mitchell       444-3982
Attorney, State Information Technology Services, Don Harris       444-2426

Office of Human Resources

Rm 102 Mitchell Bldg,125 N Roberts St
PO Box 200108, Helena MT 59620-0108

Human Resource Manager, Yvette Englert       444-2508
HR Business Partner, Chris Bacon       444-4605
HR Business Partner, Natasha Cook       444-3103
HR Business Partner, Mandy Rambo       444-5583
Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator, Kirby Fugle       444-4162
Human Resource Assistant, Liz Spencer       444-1944
Human Resource Assistant, Annie Kilgour       444-3180
FAX Number       444-6194

Office of Finance and Budget

Mitchell Bldg, 125 N Roberts St
PO Box 200107, Helena, MT 59620-0107

Bureau Chief, Mark Bruno       444-4612
Accounting Section Supervisor, Lori Carroll       444-3821
Internal Auditor, Vacant       444-3887
Accountant, Cassy Anderson       444-3734
Accountant, Ryan McChesney       444-1624
Budget Analyst, Kimberly Peck       444-5216
Accounting Assistant, Vacant       444-7355
Accounting Technician, Virginia Tynan       444-1896
Accounting Technician, Marty Samuelson       444-2704 

Office of State Continuity & Emergency Management

Old Livestock Bldg, 1310 Lockey
PO Box 200113, Helena, MT 59620-0113

State Continuity & Emergency Management Officer, Dawn Pizzini       444-2974
State Emergency Preparedness Program Manager, Tom Munsey       444-1462 
Continuity of Government Program Manager, Ed Tinsley       444-0125
Computer Systems Analyst, Tyler Fortier       444-0006
Continuity Business Analyst, Michael Gamble       444-0123
Main Phone       444-0100
FAX Number       444-2939

Office of Labor Relations

Rm 160 Mitchell Bldg, 125 N Roberts St.
PO Box 200127, Helena, MT 59620-0127

Labor Relations Specialist, Amy Holodnick       444-2598
Labor Relations Specialist, Christian Mackay       444-5266
Labor Relations Specialist, Aaron Ybarrondo       444-0168


1520 East Sixth Ave., Rm. 33
PO Box 200103, Helena, MT 59620-0103

Main Phone       444-3104
FAX Number       444-3399
Administrator, Russell Katherman       444-3104
Design Engineering Manager, Jim Whaley       444-3106
Planning Manager, Marina Little       444-3327
Facility Assessment Coordinator, Jose Rivera Hernandez       444-3637 
Architect, Rick Hilmes       406-431-8447
Architect, Paul Blumenthal       444-3333
Mechanical Engineer, Mark Hines       444-3331
Architectural Technician, Steve Faherty       444-2566
Contracts & Construction Engineering Manager, Bob Warfle       444-0771
Construction Project Manager, Cody L Mitchell       444-3326
Construction Project Manager, Chris Ames       431-0359
Construction Project Manager, Kledia Colenso       461-1689
Construction Project Manager, KC French       444-5337
Support Services Section
Financial Operations Supervisor, Janelle McBreen       444-3330
Accountant, Vacant       444-3263
Accounting Technician, Sharon Tobol       444-3325
Administrative Support, Kathleen Sullivan       444-3192
Administrative Support, Terry Hoskins       444-3104


301 South Park, Ste 316
PO Box 200546, Helena, MT 59620-0546

Commissioner, Melanie Griggs Hall       841-2920
Deputy Commissioner (Banks and Trust
Companies), Vacant
Deputy Commissioner (Credit Unions, Consumer Finance Companies & Mortgage Broker), Vacant       841-2931
Attorney, Kelly O'Sullivan       841-2935
Non-Depository & Administrative Bureau Chief,
Christopher Romano
Administrative Bureau Chief, Vacant       841-2918
Credit Union Bureau Chief, Rick Christianson       841-2945
Administrative Support, Heather Hardman       841-2920
Administrative Assistant, Linda Leffler       841-2932
FAX Number       841-2930


Old Livestock Bldg, 1310 Lockey Ave.
PO Box 200110, Helena, MT 59620-0110

Division Administrator, Stephen Baiamonte       444-0206

Capitol Facilities Management

Work Order Requests       444-3060
Capitol Security       444-3060
Access/Identification Cards       444-3060
Capitol Facilities Bureau Chief, Josh LaFromboise       444-3030
Maintenance Supervisor, Tom Russ       444-3060
Acting Custodial Supervisor, Bill Treaster       444-3060
Construction and Planning Project Manager, Jason Kolar       444-0515
Construction Project Manager, Lindsay Otterson       444-3279
Construction Project Manager, Reedie Spencer       444-2615
Building Automation Systems Specialist, Bill Baumgardner       444-1458
GSD Central Office Manager, Zach Smith       444-3018
Special Projects Coordinator/PIO, Angie Gifford       444-0115
Marketing & Business Development Specialist, Leah Hathaway       444-2446
IT Program Manager, Nate LeGrand       444-1204
Process Improvement Analyst, Nikki Simon       444-3003
Operations Support Technician, Travers Cox       444-3060
Accounting Technician, Kendra Whitaker       202-6549
FAX Number       444-3039

Real Property & Leasing

Senior Leasing Officer and Real Property Manager, Garett Bacon       444-3108
Real Property Management Specialist, Scott McHugh       444-0189

State Print & Mail

1698 A Street
PO Box 200132, Helena, MT 59620-0132

Main Phone       444-3053
Fax Number       449-2019
Central Mail       444-2600
Capitol Post Office       444-2864
State Print & Mail Bureau Chief, Ryan Bahnmiller       444-0588
Administrative Services Manager, Brandee Hay       444-3129
Shop Floor Supervisor, Marc Duncan       444-1913
Digital Print Supervisor, Floyd Pittard       444-2650
Managed Print Solutions Program Manager, Ryan Betcher       444-1833
Purchasing Agent, Kim Zanni       444-3139

Surplus Property & Recycling

16 West Custer Avenue
   PO Box 200137, Helena, MT 59620-0137

Program Manager, Kendall Broadwater       444-9921
Federal Surplus Property, Tama Lutsko       431-3104
Digital Merchandising Specialist, Corey Sheehan       444-9924
Program Assistant, Joe Carroll       444-9922
Salesperson & Auction Coordinator, Seth Long       444-9922
Warehouse Worker, Vacant       444-9922


100 N Park, Helena, MT 59601

Main Phone       444-7462
800 287-8266
Acting Administrator, Amy Jenks       444-2528
Wellness Program Manager, Kim Pullman RD, LN       444-3809
Financial Manager, Amber Thorvilson       444-2604
Compliance Specialist, Sheri French       444-3811
Compliance Specialist, Nancy Lightner       444-9123
Health Officer/VEBA, Melanie Denning       444-3745
Chief Workers Compensation Program Manager, Lance Zanto       444-5689
Benefit Program Operations Bureau Chief, Amy Jenks       444-2528
Medical Case Management, Sherri Rickman       444-6105
Service Team Manager, Jackie Dunbar       444-0380
Safety Officer, Lisa Brooks       444-0122
Early Return to Work Officer, Matt Chambers       444-7016
Healthcare Data Analyst, Nick Hill       444-1854
Administrative Assistant, Trish Alexander       444-0173
Benefits Specialist, Michelle Herren       444-3872
Benefits Specialist, Sarah Huckins       444-3551
Benefits Specialist, Amber Emmart       444-3849
Accounting Technician, Shelly Mathews       444-2454
Clinical Contact Manager, Erica Snaric       444-2510


State Health Insurance Administrators

Allegiance Benefit Plan Management


Delta Dental



2525 N Montana Ave
PO Box 200544, Helena, MT 59620-0544

Main Phone       444-5825
Director, Angela Wong       444-5825
Administrative Supervisor,
Denise Blankenship
Director of Security, Bryan Costigan       444-5804
Director of Finance, Armond Sergeant       444-5813
Sales & Marketing Director, Anne Charpentier       444-7090
Public Relations Manager, Jennifer McKee       444-5809
Online Products/Creative Services
Manager, Chase Peaslee
Instant Product Manager, Jay Boughn       444-5805
Sales Manager, Steven Erickson       444-5827
Information Technology Services Director, Philip Charpentier       444-5810
Lotto Winning Numbers       444-5825
FAX Number       444-5830


600 North Park Avenue
PO Box 200138, Helena, MT 59620-0138

Reception Phone       444-9570
Chairman, Dave McAlpin       444-9575
Administrative Law Judge, Stephen Doherty       444-9571
Administrative Law Judge, Eric Stern       444-9574
Administrative / Legal Assistant, Lynn Cochran       444-9572
Law Clerk, Colleen Tanner       444-9573
FAX Number        




Street Address:  100 North Park Avenue, Suite 200, Helena MT 
Mailing Address: PO Box 200131, Helena MT 59620-0131

Main Phone       444-3154
Toll Free Number       1-877-ASK-PERB (1-877-275-7372)
Fax Number       444-5428
Email Address
Executive Director, Dore Schwinden       444-3154

Empower Retirement Services Deferred Compensation

208 N Montana Ave
Helena, MT 59601

Helena, MT 59601-9962       449-2408
Toll Free Number       800 981-2786


1625 11th Ave, Middle Floor
PO Box 200124, Helena, MT 59620-0124

Main Phone       444-2421
Administrator, Brett Dahl       444-3687
Chief Defense Counsel, Bill Gianoulias       444-2438
Property Loss Prevention Specialist, Aric Curtiss       444-3486
Auto & Other Loss Prevention Specialist & Trainer, Julie Ouzts       444-0106
Training Development Specialist, Mike Anderson       444-2617
Risk Finance Specialist, Kristie Rhodes       444-4509
Senior Claims Specialist, Gordon Amsbaugh       444-2422
Claims Specialist, Jennie Younkin       444-7996
Claims Specialist, Kirk Barfuss       444-6498
Claims Specialist, Kathleen McElwain       444-4995
Accountant/Financial Specialist, Danica Boe       444-3168
Administrative Assistant, Linda Cronholm       444-3600
Associate Counsel, Courtney Mathieson       444-3562
Associate Counsel, Mike King       444-2403
Associate Counsel, Dave Ohler       444-1816
Associate Counsel, Ford Hayes       444-2485
Associate Counsel, Haley Nelson       444-0945
Legal Investigator, Robin Coon       444-2512
Legal Secretary, Mardi Slocum       444-4516
FAX Number       444-2592


Mitchell Bldg, 125 N Roberts St
PO Box 200102, Helena, MT 59620-0102

Administrator, Cheryl Grey       444-7334
Deputy Administrator, Matt Pugh       444-3582
Business Systems Analyst, Margaret Wallace       444-3541
Senior Systems Analyst, Channah Wells       444-0880
Technical Writer - Financial Systems, David Sherman       444-9159
Management Analyst, Sara Snell       444-3487
FAX Number       444-2812

Statewide Accounting Bureau

Mitchell Bldg, 125 N Roberts St
PO Box 200102, Helena, MT 59620-0102

Accounting Principles & Financial Reporting Section
Main Phone       444-3092
Help Desk: AM,GL       444-4681
State Accountant & Bureau Chief, Cody Pearce       444-4609
Manager, Vacant        
Accountant, Vacant       444-5786
Accountant, Brian Feller       444-3975
Accountant, Elisabeth Campbell       444-5343
Accountant, Courtney Cozzie       444-4669
Accountant, Catherine Koch       444-1468
Daily Operations Section
Main Phone       444-3092
Manager, Kyndra Cozzie       444-2624
Accounting Technician, Barbara Long       444-5230
A/P Vendor Technician, Kirsten Wegner       444-3094
Accounting Technician, Natalie Espeland       444-2518
Accounting Technician, Kristy Klein       444-4623
Accounting Specialist, Jim Leo       444-4579
SABHRS Help Desk
Help Desk       444-3092
Accounting Systems Help Desk, Connie Mundt       444-2631
Accounting Support Specialist, Jamie Walkenhorst       444-6749


Local Government Bureau

Mitchell Bldg, 125 N Roberts St
PO Box 200102, Helena, MT 59620-0102

Main Phone       444-9101
FAX Number       444-9144
Bureau Chief, Kristin Reynolds       444-5584
Accountant, Chuck Richardson       444-4689
Program Assistant, Jessica Kessler       444-9101
Systems Application/Records Manager, Vacant       444-9135
Manager, Darla Erickson       444-9491
Accountant, Tami Gunlock       444-7354
Accountant, Brandon Reese       444-1334
Accountant, Kari Powles       444-1238 
Accountant, Vickie Kemmerer       444-9102
Accountant, Karen Pocha-Melby       444-9158

State Procurement Bureau

Mitchell Bldg, 125 N Roberts St
PO Box 200135, Helena, MT 59620-0135

Main Phone       444-2575
Chief Procurement Officer & Bureau Chief, Meghan Holmlund       444-1459
Senior Administrative Officer, John Thomas       444-0110
eMACS System Administrator, Tom Hastings       444-0338
Procurement Training Specialist, Natalie Peeterse       444-1223
 Agency Procurement & Support Unit
Supervisor, Rick Dorvall       444-3366
Contracts Officer, Rhonda Grandy       444-3320
Contracts Officer, Vacant       444-7210
Contracts Officer, Carrie Schell       444-3319
Contracts Officer, Jeni Nolin       444-3313
Contracts Officer, Lauren Spatzierath       444-0118
 Cooperative Purchasing & eMACS Support Unit
eMACS Help Desk       444-2575
Supervisor, Tia Snyder       444-3315
Business Coordinator, Vacant       444-2776
Contracts Officer, Amanda Henrich       444-2516
System Support Procurement Specialist, Lisa Hartman       444-3322
eMACS System Support Specialist, Justin Harris       444-3345

State Social Security Administrator

Mitchell Bldg, 125 N Roberts St
PO Box 200547, Helena, MT 59620-0547

Manager, Vacant       444-9105
Accountant, Chuck Richardson       444-4689

SABHRS Financial Services Technology Bureau

Main Phone       444-3092
FAX Number       444-2812
Acting Bureau Chief, Colter Schilling       444-3578
Systems Analyst Section
Manager, Tina Engel       444-6974
Systems Analyst, Mary House       444-2073
Systems Analyst, Angie Lang       444-5796
Systems Analyst, Vacant       444-9686
Systems Analyst, Barb Vogt       444-5872
Systems Analyst, Aaron Grossman       444-4681
Technical Section
Manager, Brian Buhr       444-4337
Application Engineer, Lynne Coon       444-0843
Application Engineer, Eric Hawkins       444-1895
Application Engineer, Calvin Trimp       444-9168
Systems Administrator, Seth Hanley       444-0757
Database Section
Manager, Matt Pugh       444-3582
Database Administrator, Garrett Bricker       444-5843
Database Administrator, Bill Anzik       444-1851
Database Administrator, Mike Cobb       444-7884


Mitchell Bldg, 125 N Roberts St
PO Box 200127, Helena, MT 59620-0127

Main Phone       444-3871
Administrator, Anjenette Schafer       444-3885
Deputy Administrator, Dean Mack       444-3894
Division Attorney, Matt Mitchell       444-3982
Office Manager, Vacant       444-3985
Administrative Assistant, Jami Baldwin       444-3871
Administrative Support, Joanne Polyasko       444-3871
FAX Number       444-0703

Human Resources Information Services (HRIS) Bureau

Bureau Chief, Dean Mack       444-3894

HRIS Agency Services

Supervisor, Corey Kaufman       444-3947
SABHRS HR Trainer/System Analyst, Desiree McFadden       444-5219
SABHRS System Analyst, Vince Bell       444-4088
SABHRS System Analyst, John Bunker       444-0567
SABHRS System Analyst, Cassandra Schmit       444-3005
SABHRS System Analyst, Sara Williamson       444-5217
SABHRS System Analyst, Nick McHenry-Grobel       444-4276
SABHRS System Analyst, Nick Brown       444-3985
Computer System Analyst, John Fitzpatrick       444-2611

HRIS Payroll Services

Supervisor, Darci Harrison       444-3794
Payroll Specialist, Stacy Briese       444-4506
Payroll Specialist, Sandi McGregor       444-5215
Payroll Accountant, Patty Huxley       444-3174
Payroll Help Desk       444-2962

HRIS Technical Support

Supervisor, Martha Watson       444-3856
SABHRS Computer Security Specialist,
SABHRS Programmer, Patrick McGrath       444-1614
SABHRS Programmer, Rick Oie       444-5715
SABHRS Computer Application Engineer,
Kirk Poepping
Computer Application Engineer,
Kelly McGrath
SABHRS System Analyst, Vacant       444-0168

Human Resources Policy and Programs Bureau

Senior HR Generalist, Lisa Coligan       444-3854
Senior HR Generalist, Kay Pace       444-3853
HR Generalist, Vacant       444-2542
HR Generalist, Ann Brewer       444-3796
HR Analyst, Vacant       444-0000
HR Analyst, Vacant       444-3879 
State Diversity Program Coordinator, John Pavao       444-3984

Compensation & Classification Program Coordinator, Bonnie Shoemaker


Professional Development Center

Main Number       444-3871
Director, Patrick Sullivan       444-2607
Training Development Specialist, Jane Rhodes       444-2619
Instructional Designer/Trainer, Kris Perry       444-2686


Mitchell Building, 125 N Roberts St
PO Box 200113, Helena, MT 59620-0113

Chief Information Officer (CIO), Tim Bottenfield       444-2777
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Andrew Hanks       444-9127
Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Matt Van Syckle       444-2633
Chief Financial Officer (CFO), April Grady       444-2926
Attorney, Don Harris       444-2426
Executive Services Bureau Chief, Rian Miller       444-1634
Contract and Asset Management Bureau Chief, Vacant       444-1354  
Finance and Budget Bureau Chief, Kari Hahn       444-2484
Business and Communications Coordinator, Christie Magill       444-3827
FAX Number       444-2701

Network Technology Services Bureau

Mitchell Building, 125 N Roberts St
PO Box 200113, Helena, MT 59620-0113

Network Technology Services Bureau Chief, Daniel Donithan       444-2666
Network Architecture and Engineering, Chris Hope       444-6448
Network Infrastructure and Tools, David Seng       444-5611
Network Operations Supervisor, Barry Wall       444-2820
Voice Operations Supervisor, Casey Collins       444-2480
Business Coordinator - Network Technology, Kelsea Kimerly       444-2824

Enterprise Support Bureau

SMDC, 490 18th St
PO Box 200117, Helena, MT 59620-0117

Enterprise Support Bureau Chief, Dave Johnson       444-3211
Desktop Services, Tanner Schwartz       444-0154
Network Operations Security Center, Cyril Blyseth       444-1392
Data Centers / Facilities, Ed Sivils       444-9949
Service Desk, Rawlin Richardson       444-4638
State General Information       444-2511
TTY (Telephone Device for the Deaf)       444-1421
SITSD Service Desk for Technical Assistance       444-2000
SITSD Service Desk from Outside Helena       800 628-4917
SummitNet Video Conferencing       444-9588

Application Technology Services Bureau

Mitchell Building, 125 N Roberts St
PO Box 200113, Helena, MT 59620-0113

Application Technology Services Bureau Chief, Audrey Hinman       444-1635
Java and Oracle Development, Barry Fox       444-5895
.Net Development, Denise Adamson       444-2781
Database Technology Services, Kenny Kyler       444-0298
Application Development Operations Supervisor, Katelyn Schaub       444-0670
Application Hosting, Karin Ohlin       444-0279

Public Safety Communications Services Bureau 

1400 8th Avenue
 Helena, MT 59620

Public Safety Communications Bureau Chief, Quinn Ness       444-6134

Enterprise Technology Services Bureau

Cogswell Building, 1401 Lockey Ave
PO Box 200115, Helena, MT 59620-0115

Enterprise Technology Services Bureau Chief, Jerry Marks       444-2576
Enterprise Applications, Ben Howard       444-0668
Enterprise Systems Support, Randy Haefka       444-0107
Enterprise Infrastructure, Ashley Downing       444-0377

Information System Security Office

Cogswell Building, 1401 Lockey Ave
PO Box 200115, Helena, MT 59620-0115

Chief Information Security Officer, Andrew Hanks       444-9127
Incident Response & Technical Security Bureau Chief, James Zito        444-3298
Risk Management & Business Resiliency Bureau Chief, Joe Frohlich       444-3119


100 N Park Ave, Suite 110
PO Box 200139, Helena, MT 59620-0139

Main Phone       444-3134
Executive Director, Shawn Graham       444-3134
Deputy Executive Director, Tammy Rau       444-3134
Chief Legal Counsel, Denise Pizzini       444-9388
Communications Specialist, Darla Fitzpatrick       444-0139
Executive Secretary, Jacie Vonada       444-3754
Information Systems Manager, John Noble       444-3395
Information Systems Specialist, Rex Merrick       444-9293
Imaging Technician, Jeanie Schmidt       444-5227
Imaging Technician, JoLynn Genzlinger       444-1886
Accounting/Fiscal Manager, Nolan Brilz       444-3679
Accountant, Joyce Love       444-3323
Accounting Technician, Christian Ward       444-2540
Benefit Officer, Margaux Lilly       444-3324
Benefit Officer, Johnelle Sedlock       444-4113
Benefit Officer, Jessica Hill       444-3091
Benefit Specialist, Cathy Leonard       444-3132
Benefit Specialist, Jessica Stevens       444-2465
Retired Benefit Supervisor, Natalie Chamberlain       444-3185
Retired  Benefit Specialist, Sherry Smith       444-2912
Retired Benefit Specialist, Chris Fish       444-3185
Payroll Benefit Technician, Shannon Buswell       444-2441
FAX Number       444-2641