Online Services

Aeronautics Inventory Resale
Order replacement parts for Montana private and public use airports
|Transportation| |Transportation| ||
Air Emission Inventory Entry System
Enter air emissions for your permitted/registered facility
|Environment| |Environmental Quality| ||
Appointment Scheduling MVD
Schedule an appointment for driver licensing services at an exam station
|Drivers| |Justice| ||
Asbestos Accreditation Application and Renewal Service
Apply for, or renew, your Asbestos Accreditation
|Education and Training|Licenses| |Environmental Quality| ||
Asbestos Project Permit Application Service
Apply for an asbestos project permit or demolition notification
|Permits| |Environmental Quality| |Responsive Apps|
Solicitations for state government projects; request for proposals and invitations for bids
|Business| |Administration| ||
Bison Transportation Permits
Purchase the permits required when transporting bison
|Permits| |Livestock| ||
Boards and Councils Information
View a list of all active Montana boards and councils and their membership information
|Information and Referrals| |Governor's Office| ||
Business Filing Portal
Register a business, file your annual report, and search for a business
|Business| |Secretary of State| ||
Campaign Tracker
Candidates can file the necessary paperwork with the Commissioner of Political Practices
|Politics| |Commissioner of Political Practices| ||
Candidate Filing
File your candidacy; edit your filing; view a list of candidates
|Politics| |Secretary of State| ||
Child Support Payment Information
View current and past child support payments
|Family Services| |Public Health and Human Services| ||
Child Support Payments
Make your own payment, or pay your employee’s child support
|Business|Family Services|Financial| |Public Health and Human Services| ||
Clean Water Act Information
Find information about the quality of Montana’s rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands
|Environment|Health| |Environmental Quality| ||
County Burn Permit and Notification Service
Purchase and activate a burn permit within your county
|Permits| |County| ||
Courtesy Car Application
Apply for a small grant to purchase a courtesy car for a rural airport from the Montana Aeronautics Division.
|Transportation| |Transportation| |Responsive Apps|
Criminal History Online Public Record Search
Find criminal history records regarding current or potential employees
|Business|Public Safety| |Justice| ||
Department of Corrections Restitution Payments
Make restitution payments to the Department of Corrections
|Financial|Public Safety| |Corrections| ||
Department of Livestock Diagnostic Lab Fees
Pay diagnostic lab fees for the Department of Livestock
|Financial| |Livestock| ||
DEQ eBill Payment Service
Pay an invoice from the Department of Environmental Quality
|Environment|Financial| |Environmental Quality| ||
Driver History Records Service
You can search for a driving record if you have a current Montana Driver License
|Business|Drivers| |Justice| ||
Lists meetings and events for state government
|Education and Training|Information and Referrals| |Administration| ||
End-of Life Registry
Allows registrants and health care providers to view end-of-life advance directives
|Family Services|Health| |Justice| ||
FACTS: Water Discharge Permitting System
Pay Fees, Apply for, or Renew Water Discharge Permit applications Online
|Environment|Health|Permits| |Environmental Quality| ||
File Transfer Service
Securely send and receive files to and from state government
|Information and Referrals| |Administration| ||
File Upload for W2's and 1099's
File annual W-2s and various 1099s through TransAction Portal
|Taxes| |Revenue| ||
FINRA BrokerCheck
Find information on securities related licensees in Montana
|Financial|Licenses|Public Safety| |Auditors Office| ||
Hunting, Fishing, & Recreational Licenses
Purchase your Montana hunting, fishing and recreational licenses; apply for special draws
|Licenses|Recreation| |Fish, Wildlife and Parks| ||
Income Tax Express
Pay both current and past year state individual income taxes and estimated taxes
|Taxes| |Revenue| |Native Mobile Apps|Responsive Apps|
Independent Contractor Search
Find information on registered independent contractors in Montana
|Business|Licenses|Property|Public Safety| |Labor| ||
Inmate Trust Account Deposits
Approved people can deposit money to an inmate’s trust account
|Financial|Public Safety| |Corrections| ||
Legislative Services Division Online Store
Purchase the Montana Code Annotated and other material
|Shopping| |Legislative Branch| ||
License Renewal Construction Licenses
Renew and print your construction related licenses
|Licenses| |Labor| ||
License Renewal Health Care and Professional & Occupational Licenses
Renew and print your health care and professional and occupational license
|Licenses| |Labor| ||
Licensee Lookup Construction Licensees
Find information on construction related licensees in Montana
|Business|Licenses|Property|Public Safety| |Labor| ||
Licensee Lookup for Insurance Companies
Find information on insurance related companies in Montana
|Business|Licenses|Public Safety| |Auditors Office| ||
Licensee Lookup Healthcare and Occupational Licensees
Find information on healthcare and professional and occupational licensee in Montana
|Business|Health|Licenses|Public Safety| |Labor| ||
Licensee Lookup Insurance Licensees
Find information on insurance related licensees in Montana
|Business|Licenses|Public Safety| |Auditors Office| ||
Licensee Lookup Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Lender and Mortgage Originator
Find information on licensed mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders and mortgage originators
|Business|Licenses|Property|Public Safety| |Administration| ||
Licensee Lookup Nurses Aides
Find information on licensed nurses aides in Montana
|Business|Health|Licenses|Public Safety| |Public Health and Human Services| ||
Livestock Reporting and Per Capita Fee Payment
Report your livestock and pay your per capita fee bill
|Business| |Livestock| ||
Loan & Grant Applications for Airports
Apply for a loan or a grant for airport-related projects from the Montana Aeronautics Division
|Transportation| |Transportation| |Responsive Apps|
Lobbyist and Principal Search
Find a lobbyist or principal; view all lobbyists and principals by session
|Politics| |Commissioner of Political Practices| ||
Made in Montana Application
Joining Made in Montana is free, easy and can be rewarding for your business.
|Business| |Commerce| |Responsive Apps|
Market Permits
Purchase necessary market permits required when transporting horse or cattle
|Permits| |Livestock| ||
MDT Mobile
Provides traveler information focused on Montana; Includes road conditions and construction
|Drivers|Tourism|Transportation| |Transportation| |Native Mobile Apps|
Milk and Egg License Renewal
Renew you milk and egg license
|Licenses| |Livestock| ||
Montana Cadastral
Find Montana land information on public and private property
|Business|Property|Recreation|Taxes| |State Library| ||
Montana Checkbook
View the state’s un-audited, non-confidential, payment information
|Financial|Information and Referrals| |Administration| ||
Montana Connections
Apply for SNAP, TANF, LIHEAP, and Health Coverage Assistance.
|Family Services|Financial| |Public Health and Human Services| ||
Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery
Purchase tree and shrub seedlings for use in conservation planting
|Property|Shopping| |Natural Resources and Conservation| ||
Montana Courts Online Payment System
Pay a traffic ticket or other fine
|Financial| |Judicial Branch| ||
Montana Department of Corrections Offender Search
Find records and current status of convicted felons in Montana
|Business|Public Safety| |Corrections| |Responsive Apps|
Montana Drinking Water Watch
Find a wide range of public water supply system information
|Environment|Health|Property| |Environmental Quality| ||
Montana Film Office
Browse and map film locations by image; contact crew; rent equipment
|Business|Information and Referrals|Tourism| |Commerce| |Native Mobile Apps|
Montana Fisheries Information System
Find information on fish species distribution, supporting data for distribution and management
|Recreation| |Fish, Wildlife and Parks| ||
Montana Fishing Guide
Plan your fishing trip including information on hundreds of fishable waters
|Recreation| |Fish, Wildlife and Parks| ||
Montana Heritage Commission (MHC) - Memberships
Purchase a membership and/or make a donation to benefit the preservation of Montana’s historical sites
|Tourism| |Commerce| |Responsive Apps|
Montana Historical Society Online Donation
Donate to support the Montana Historical Society
|Shopping| |Historical Society| ||
Montana Historical Society Online Memberships
Become a member of the Montana Historical Society, or renew your current affiliation
|Financial|Shopping|Tourism| |Historical Society| ||
Montana Historical Society Store
Purchase books, DVD’s, art prints, gifts and other Montana memorabilia
|Shopping|Tourism| |Historical Society| ||
Montana Hunt Planner
Plan your hunting trip including maps with hunting regulations and statistics
|Recreation| |Fish, Wildlife and Parks| ||
Montana Prescription Drug Registry
Find or upload a patient's prescription history
|Health| |Labor| |Responsive Apps|
Montana Site Selector
Find available property; Find critical data needed to locate, start, or grow a business in Montana
|Business|Property| |Commerce| ||
Montana State Parks Trail Planner
Find, explore, and print maps of Montana State Parks trails and trailheads.
|Natural Resources|Recreation|Tourism| |Fish, Wildlife and Parks| |Responsive Apps|
Montana Supreme Court Cases
Find information on Montana Supreme Court opinions and briefs
|Information and Referrals| |Judicial Branch| ||
Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Lender and Mortgage Originator Licensing
Apply for, or renew, you mortgage broker, mortgage lender and mortgage originator license
|Licenses|Property| |Administration| ||
Motor Carrier Services Internet Permitting Application
Users can generate various types of transactions including oversize and overweight permits, Single Trip, and Term (Annual) permits, Custom Combine permits, and GVW fees. Also, users can report and renew International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) and International Registration Plan (IRP) transactions.
|Permits|Transportation| |Transportation| ||
Mutual Aid Frequencies Permit Request
Request a new Mutual Aid Frequency permit; modify, view, and print a permit
|Permits|Public Safety| |Administration| |Responsive Apps|
My Voter Page
Find out if you are registered to vote and the location of your polling place
|Politics|Voting| |Secretary of State| |Native Mobile Apps|Responsive Apps|
Notary Filing Portal
File your notary application, renewals, apostilles, and search for a notary
|Business| |Secretary of State| ||
Montana's single sign-on service; Allows you to securely access Montana's eGovernment services
|Business| |Administration| |Responsive Apps|
Online Application for Child Support Services
Apply for child support services online
|Family Services|Financial|Information and Referrals| |Public Health and Human Services| ||
Pavement Analysis
View Pavement Condition Treatment reports, Field Review reports, and Rut and Ride reports
|Transportation| |Transportation| ||
Personal Property Reporting
File your personal property reporting form through the Department of Revenue’s TransAction Portal (TAP)
|Business| |Revenue| ||
Pilot and Aircraft Registration & Renewal
Register your aircraft or register as a pilot with the Montana Aeronautics Division.
|Transportation| |Transportation| |Responsive Apps|
Plan First
Apply for assistance regarding family planning through a Montana Medicaid Waiver
|Family Services| |Public Health and Human Services| ||
Producer, Adjuster & Consultant Licensing
Apply for, renew and print your Insurance licenses
|Licenses| |Auditors Office| ||
Professional Continuing Education
View current continuing education credits, available courses and approved educators
|Education and Training| |Labor| ||
Professional Licensee List Download
Purchase complete lists of licensed individuals, businesses, and contractors
|Licenses| |Labor| ||
Public Educator License Lookup
Find licensed educators in Montana
|Education and Training|Licenses|Public Safety| |Public Instruction| ||
Public Surplus
Bid on surplus property from the state
|Business|Property|Shopping|Vehicles| |Administration| ||
Public View Docket
Find information on a Montana Supreme Court case
|Information and Referrals| |Judicial Branch| ||
Search Opencut Permits
Find and download Opencut applications and permits
|Permits| |Environmental Quality| ||
Sexual or Violent Offender Registry
Find violent or sexual offenders registered in Montana
|Business|Public Safety| |Justice| ||
Sheep Transportation Permits
Purchase the necessary permits required when transporting sheep
|Permits| |Livestock| ||
Source Water Protection Query system
Find information regarding source water supplies
|Environment| |Environmental Quality| ||
State Employee Data
View state employee pay information
|Employment|Financial|Information and Referrals| |Administration| ||
State of Montana Careers
View and apply for state job openings
|Employment|Information and Referrals| |Administration| ||
State of Montana Vendor Registration
Register for Montana's vendor list to receive solicitation requests for bids and proposals
|Business| |Administration| ||
TankHelper Online Training
Training for owners and operators of underground storage tanks
|Education and Training|Environment| |Environmental Quality| ||
Temporary Registration Permit Service
Allows you to create and print a Temporary Registration Permits for a newly purchased vehicle
|Permits|Vehicles| |Justice| ||
Today's Air Application
Find Air Quality levels and Air Monitoring Stations in Montana
|Environment| |Environmental Quality| |Responsive Apps|
Traffic Incidents
View locations of recent crash and other Montana Highway Patrol incidents
|Drivers|Public Safety| |Justice| ||
TransAction Portal
File individual and business state tax returns; pay your taxes; access your account
|Taxes| |Revenue| ||
UCC Filings
File your Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) documents
|Business| |Secretary of State| ||
UCC Search
Find Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings and order copies of documents
|Business| |Secretary of State| ||
UI eServices for Employers
Register your business for unemployment insurance; view and authorize access to your account
|Business|Employment|Taxes| |Labor| ||
Underground Storage Tank Query System
Location and information of underground storage tanks in Montana
|Environment|Property| |Environmental Quality| ||
Unemployment Insurance Claimant Center
File an unemployment insurance claim, file a request for payment, reactivate your claim, and more
|Employment| |Labor| ||
Vehicle Registration Renewal Service
Renew the registration for any type of vehicle
|Permits|Vehicles| |Justice| ||
Vehicle Search Service
Find title, liens and registration information on vehicles registered in Montana
|Vehicles| |Justice| ||
Victim Information and Notification Every Day (VINE)
Register to receive notification when the location or custody status of an adult felon changes
|Public Safety| |Corrections| |Responsive Apps|
Virginia and Nevada City Montana
Find things to do, places to stay, and places to eat in Virginia and Nevada City...
|Tourism| |Commerce| |Native Mobile Apps|
Voter File
Download a customized list of registered Montana voters
|Politics|Voting| |Secretary of State| ||
Water Quality Library Search
Find items in the Department of Environmental Quality’s Water Quality Planning Library
|Environment|Information and Referrals| |Environmental Quality| ||
Where's My Refund?
Check the status of your refund from the Department of Revenue
|Taxes| |Revenue| ||
Yellowstone County Clerk and Recorder
View copies of recorded documents in Yellowstone County
|Business|Property| |County| ||