Department of Commerce

301 S Park, Helena 59601 841-2700
TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) 841-2702


Director, Scott Osterman 841-2745
Deputy Director, Adam Schafer 841-2706
Communications and Public Affairs Supervisor, Anastasia Burton 841-2557
Executive Assistant, Vacant
FAX # 841-2701

Office of Legal Affairs

Chief Legal Counsel, JB Lorenzo 841-2558
Legal Counsel, Amy Barnes 841-2733
Legal Counsel, Ty Jones 841-2322
Paralegal, Bonnie Martello 841-2596

Office of Communications

Communications and Public Affairs Supervisor, Anastasia Burton 841-2557
Creative Content Specialist, Ivan Junge 841-2707
Communications Specialist, Todd Jackson 841-2811

Office of Human Resources

Human Resources Manager, Mandy Rambo 841-2727
Human Resources Generalist 1, Jessica Arnold 841-2718
Human Resources Generalist 1, Shannin Danko 841-2074
Payroll, Benefits & Accounting, Elena Gallant-Velez 841-2717

Office of Accounting & Budget

Accounting & Fiscal Manager, Ingrid Mallo 841-2715
Accountant, Carissa Mason 841-2712
Budget Manager, Craig Woods 841-2720
Accounting Technician, Heike Becker 841-2714
Accountant, Kassie Clement 841-2713
Accountant 2, Sarah Jordt 841-2703
Financial Specialist, Jo Morand 841-2798

Office of Information Technology

Information Technology Manager, Angie Miller 841-2705
Web / Application Developer, Sue Leferink 841-2721
Network Administrator, Terry Meagher 841-2722
Desktop Support Technician, Steve Guariglia 841-2726
Digital Marketing Manager, Norm Dwyer 841-2885
Network Administrator, Donald Todd 841-2892
Content Manager, Wendy Jo Brown 841-2193

Office of Business Attraction

Business Attraction Manager, Frederick Van Den Abbeel, ASBC® 406-431-0609
Business Attraction Coordinator, Cameron Johnson  841-2893
Space, Aerospace, Defense, and Technology Advocate,  Edgar Johansson  (720) 560-4999

Census & Economic Information Center Bureau

Bureau Chief, Mary Craigle 841-2742
Senior Research Economist, Benjamin Gill 841-2739
Research Economist, Vacant
GIS Coordinator, Dave Ritts 841-2030
Information Technology Specialist, Dick Hanson 841-2743
Administrative Assistant, Maria Tromly 841-2740
Fax # 841-2731

Industry Development Program

Program Manager, Tom Kaiserski 841-2034
Development Officer, Kristian Richardson 841-2032
Program Assistant, Vacant  


PO Box 200505 Helena, MT 59620-0505
Division Administrator, Jenny Pelej 841-2896
Office Manager, Theresa Erickson 841-2730
Fax # 841-2871

Office of Communications

Communications and Public Affairs Supervisor, Anastasia Burton 841-2557
Creative Content Specialist, Ivan Junge 841-2707
Communications Specialist, Todd Jackson 841-2811


Bureau Chief, Vacant 841-2895
Consumer Marketing Manager, Haley Walter 841-2948
Travel Trade Manager, Kim Birrell 841-2898
Travel Trade Coordinator, Vacant 841-2898
Content Manager, Kate Siberell Vigeland 841-2788
Public Relations Coordinator, Nicole Gonzalez 841-2879
Social Media Coordinator, Jacquie Garcia 841-2899
Graphic Designer, Alana Cunningham 841-2872
Digital Asset Coordinator, Vacant 841-2763

Montana Film Office

Film Commissioner, Allison Whitmer 841-2881
Location Coordinator, Sean Tippin 841-2880
Project Incentive Coordinator, Stacey Zyliak 841-2883
Marketing and Film Administrative Assistant, Laura Benedict 841-2764
Fax # 841-2871

Tourism Programs

Bureau Chief, Jan Stoddard 841-2894
Tourism Grant Manager, Michele Cushman 841-2796
Compliance Specialist, Barb Sanem 841-2769
Made in Montana Program Manager, Susan Joy 841-2868
Made in Montana Marketing Coordinator, Alana Cunningham 841-2781
Tourism Outreach Coordinator, Carmen Levick 841-2873

Budget & Operations

Bureau Chief, Anna Marie Moe 841-2797
Administrative Support, Carmen Williams 841-2870
Administrative Support, Leslie Redden 841-2870
Fulfillment Specialist, Terry Brooks 841-2768


Division Administrator, Liane Taylor 841-2732


Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund/Workforce Training Grant

Section Manager, Annmarie Robinson 841-2744

Big Sky Economic Development Trust Fund

Program Specialist, Kev Campbell 841-2792
Program Specialist, Alyssa Townsend 841-2748

Workforce Training Grant

Program Specialist, Vacant 841-2550
Program Specialist, Janice Wannebo 841-2741

Commerce Loan Fund

(Certified Regional Development Corporations/Micro Business Finance Program/Montana State Small Business Credit Initiative/Montana Wood Products Revolving Loan Fund)

Section Manager, Carolyn Jones 841-2594
Program Specialist, Danielle Williams 841-2737
Program Specialist, Vacant 841-2751

Office of Indian Country Economic Development

Program Manager, Maria Valandra 841-2061
Entrepreneurial Development Specialist, Luke Robinson 841-2775
Tribal Economic Development Commission/Indian Language Program Manager, Billie LeDeau 841-2754
Tribal Tourism Officer, Rachelle Brown 841-2734

Small Business Development Center

SBDC State Director, Chad Moore 841-2746
SBDC Associate Director, Lori Gilliland 841-2716
SBDC Marketing and Public Relations Specialist, Vacant 841-2747

Office of Trade and International Relations

Export Montana Website
International Trade Manager, Angie DeYoung 841-2783
International Trade Officer, Katie Willcockson 841-2750
International Marketing Officer, Canon Luerkens 841-2724
Fax # 841-2871


Division website COMDEV.MT.GOV
PO Box 200523 Helena, MT 59620-0523 841-2770
Fax # 841-2771
Division Administrator, Renee Lemon 841-2773
Division Engineer, Jackie Kuhl 841-2784
Division Engineer, Rachel Clark 841-2787
Legal Counsel, Amy Barnes 841-2733
Executive Assistant, Anita Proul 841-2869
Administrative Assistant, Vacant 841-2791
Records Management Assistant, Sandy Sysum 841-2550

Coal Board

Board Officer, Rachel Young 841-2867

Hard Rock Mining Impact Board

Board Officer, Rachel Young 841-2867

Infrastructure Programs

(CDBG, MCEP, Delivering Local Assistance)

Program Manager, Becky Anseth 841-2865
Program Specialist, Lindsey Siebrasse 841-2708
Program Specialist, Jeanette Blize 841-2782
Program Specialist, Kasia Bothman-Little 841-2789
Program Specialist, Matt Blank 841-2779

Planning Programs


Program Manager, Cody Ferguson 841-2819
Outreach Specialist, Gus Byrom 841-2777
Program Specialist, Rebecca Shaw 841-2752
Legal Counsel, Amy Barnes


ARPA Program Specialist, Alisha Oellermann


Community & Economic Vitality Programs

(Montana Main Street Program, CDBG-ED, Montana Historic Preservation Grant)

Program Manager, Tash Wisemiller 841-2756
Program Specialist, Mackenzie Espeland 841-2794
Program Specialist, Rachel Ezell 841-2818
Program Specialist, Taylor Crowl 841-2863
CDBG-CV Program Specialist, Chandler Rowling 841-2544


PO Box 200528 Helena, MT 59620-0528
Housing Website
Division Administrator, Cheryl Cohen 841-2844
Operations Manager, Joe DeFilippis 841-2826
Office Manager, Paula Loving 841-2824
Toll Free Number 1-800-761-6264

Board of Housing

PO Box 200528 Helena, MT 59620-0528  
Main Number 841-2840
Fax Number 841-2841
Accounting Manager, Ginger Pfankuch 841-2855
Multifamily Manager, Nicole NcKeith 841-2845
Homeownership Manager, Vicki Bauer 841-2849

Mortgage Servicing

PO Box 200550 Helena, MT 59520-0550 841-2799
Main Number 841-2799
Manager, Mary Palkovich 841-2857
Toll Free Number 1-855-841-2799

Section 8 Housing Programs

(Tenant Based & Project Based Section 8)

Box 200545, Helena, MT 59620-0545  
Main Number 841-2830
Fax Number 841-2810
Manager, Kelly Shields 841-2832

Housing Development Programs


Housing Development Program Manager, Julie Flynn 841-2890
Program Specialist, Nicole Newman 841-2598
Program Specialist, Theresa Wadsworth 841-2597
Program Specialist, Janelle Egli 841-2766
Program Specialist, Jen Stapleton 841-2785
Program Specialist, Vacant


PO Box 200126 Helena, MT 59620-0126 - 2401 Colonial Drive, 3 rd Floor
Executive Director, Dan Villa 444-1285
Deputy Director, Peggy MacEwen 444-1365
Chief Investment Officer, Jon Putnam 444-0058
Financial Manager, Julie Feldman, CPA 444-0099
Associate Financial Manager, Emily McKeever Kovarik, CPA 444-0587
Associate Financial Manager, Polly Boutin 444-0220
Deputy CIO/Director of Public Market Investments, Vacant 444-0586
Director of Private Investments, Michael Nguyen 444-1218
Director of In-State Loan Program, Doug Hill 444-1217
Director of Fixed Income, John Romasko 444-0258
Director of RE/Natural Resource Investments, Ethan Hurley 444-0250
Director of Risk Management, Dan Zarling 444-0086
Director of Investment Operations, Eron Krpan 444-0016
Accountant - AOF, Tammy Lindgren 444-0005
Senior Bond Program Officer, Louise Welsh 444-0891
Accountant -- STIP, Vacant 444-0003
Executive Assistant & Board Secretary, Lindsay Ford 444-6198
Office Manager, Savannah Morgan 444-0002
Network Administrator, Mark Lodman 444-0049
Fax # 449-6579


PO Box 200506, Helena, MT 59620-0506, 2401 Colonial Drive 3rd Floor
Executive Director, Adam Gill 444-0259
Associate Director, Seth Lutter 444-5435
Senior Financial Specialist, Monica Birlut 444-0039
Fax # 444-0019


PO Box 338, Virginia City, MT 59755 - 300 W. Wallace St


Operations Manager, Elijah Allen 843-5247 x208
Virginia City Office Fax 843-5468
McFarland Curatorial Center Fax 843-5447
Museum Technician, Kate Steeley 843-5247 x204
Museum Technician, Marge Antolik 843-5247 x209
Preservation Specialist, Jeff Cleverley 843-5247 x239
Preservation Specialist, Safety Officer, Don Steeley 843-5247 x239
Administrative Assistant, Vacant 843-5247 x206