Commissioner of Securities & Insurance

840 Helena Avenue,
Helena, MT 59601
Main 444-2040
TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) 444-3246
Toll Free Number 800 332-6148
Insurance (Main) FAX Number  444-3413
Insurance Consumer Services FAX Number 444-1980
Securities FAX Number 444-5558
Legal FAX Number 444-3499
Conference Room 1st Floor 444-7869
Conference Room 2nd Floor 444-1265

Commissioner of Securities & Insurance

Troy Downing, State Auditor 444-2006

Deputy Commissioner of Securities & Insurance

Mary Belcher, Deputy State Auditor 444-2006

Executive Office

Molly Plummer, Chief of Staff 444-2042
Julie James, Executive Assistant 444-2006
Sam Loveridge, Communications Director 444-3152
Frank Cote, Government Relations Director 444-3412
Laura Shirtliff, Digital and Creative Services Director 444-0903

Human Resources

Jeff Plum, Human Resources Manager 444-5221
Kristine Wiley, Human Resources Assistant 444-9222
Wendy Gournay, Administrative Assistant - Front Desk 444-2040

Securities Division

Brett Olin, Deputy Securities Commissioner 444-4388
Blair Stapleton, Investor Education and Public Outreach Coordinator 444-3422
Ryan Sullivan, Securities Investigator/Examiner 444-3822
Patrick Murphy, Securities Examiner 444-3848
Emily Nichols, Securities Examiner 444-7834
Jennifer Adkins, Paralegal 2 444-5236
Vacant, Registration 444-2990

Insurance Division

Bob Biskupiak, Deputy Insurance Commissioner 444-5438


Steve Matthews, Bureau Chief 444-4372
Kari Leonard, Deputy Bureau Chief 444-2895
Ramona Bidon, Examiner Specialist 444-4515
Tavin Mogus, Examiner Specialist 444-3469
Patrick Hunter, Examiner 444-1371
Erin Snyder, Examiner 444-4350
David Heesch, Examiner 444-5233
Steve Mack, Examiner 444-3496
Tal Redpath, Examiner 444-0765
Patrick Hunter, Examiner 444-1371
Erin Snyder, Examiner 444-4350
Dakota Terry, Examiner 444-3721

Insurance Consumer Services

Sharon Richetti, Bureau Chief 444-2894
Renee Little, Compliance Specialist 444-2810
Danielle Moreau, Compliance Specialist 444-3678
Benjamin Vukonich, Compliance Specialist 444-3446
Susan Brown, Compliance Specialist 444-3612
Dan Clark, Compliance Specialist 444-9768
Wanda Shields, Compliance Specialist 444-3126

Insurance Services

David Dachs, Bureau Chief 444-9722
Pam Daugherty, Licensing/Surplus Lines Specialist 444-9751
Sherrie Mannix, Licensing Specialist 444-2539
Brittany Highland, Licensing Specialist 444-3455
Market Conduct
Troy Smith, Market Conduct Examiner 444-5537
Matthew Eberhardt, Market Conduct Examiner 444-3897
Karen Beyl, Compliance Specialist (Lead) 444-3438
Renee Britschgi, Compliance Specialist 444-4517
Karyn Campbell-Olsen, Compliance Specialist 444-3720
Vacant, Compliance Specialist 444-2047


Mari Kindberg, Chief Actuary 444-5220
David Dombrowski, Senior Actuary 444-2004
Vacant, Actuary 444-9222
Vacant, Actuary 444-3121
Vacant, Actuary 444-7834

Legal Services

Ole Olson, Chief Legal Counsel 444-1295
Mark Mattioli, Deputy Chief Legal Counsel 444-2406
Carlo Canty, Staff Attorney 444-5234
Kevin Bratcher, Staff Attorney 444-2755
Kirsten Madsen, Staff Attorney 444-4328
Kate Ellis, Staff Attorney 444-5223
Andrew Cziok, Staff Attorney 444-3467
Chris McConnell, Staff Attorney 444-5239
Brandy Morrison, Paralegal 444-1942
Tiffany Hoffman, Paralegal 444-2726


Ted Bidon, Bureau Chief 444-0385
Rodney Harker, Investigator 444-3810
Neil Brunett, Investigator 444-5412
Bryan Stanley, Investigator 444-2844
Amber Treat, Investigator 444-2495

Central Services

Nikki Davison, Finance Manager 444-1867
Adam Stoll, Accountant 444-2041
Vacant, Purchasing/Supply Assistant 444-3473
Amanda Scherer, Mailroom/Accounting Technician 444-5229

Information Technology

Michael Sweeney, Manager 444-3517
Andy Nickol, Information Systems Specialist 444-0382
Ken Kops, Applications Specialist 439-4480