Department of Revenue

Mitchell Building
125 N. Roberts
P.O. Box 5805
Helena, MT 59604-5805
TTY 711



For questions relating to the tax types below, please contact our main Call Center number above, or send a fax to the corresponding number.
Individual Income Tax FAX 444-4091 or 444-0750
Property Assessment FAX 444-9383
Business Taxes See specific numbers below
Corporation Income Tax FAX 444-2900
Liquor Licensing FAX 444-0722
Centralized Property Assessment FAX 444-6642
Natural Resource Tax FAX 444-2900
Withholding Tax FAX 444-4091
Miscellaneous Taxes (Used for all tax types unless otherwise noted) FAX 444-7997
Lodging and Facility Use Tax (Accommodations) FAX 444-7997
Bed, Consumer Counsel, Public Service FAX 444-7997
Commission, 911/TDD, Telecom, Tel and Universal Access Fund Surcharge FAX 444-7997
Cigarette/Tobacco Tax FAX 444-7997
eStop Business Licenses FAX 444-7723
Unclaimed Property Claims FAX 444-7723
Unclaimed Property Holding Reporting FAX 444-7997
Forms FAX 444-7723
Human Resources FAX 444-6998

Room 455, Mitchell Bldg
PO Box 5805 Helena, MT 59604-5805

Director Gene Walborn 444-1900
Deputy Director Shauna Helfert 444-0908
Management Officer, Rob Mayer 444-6925
Budget Analyst, Vacant 444-6739
Taxpayer Assistance and Public Outreach Director, Kristan Barbour 444-2762
FAX NUMBER 444-3696

Legal Services

Chief Legal Counsel, Dan Whyte 444-3340
Deputy Chief Legal Counsel, Dave Stewart 444-4241
Paralegal Unit Manager, Vacant 444-1900
Dispute Resolution Officer, Michele Crepeau 444-3341
Dispute Resolution Officer, Laura Cunningham 444-3131

Tax Policy & Research

Director, Ed Caplis 444-3531

Human Resources

Main Number 444-9858
Human Resources, Charles Geary 444-2865
Payroll, Jamie Peterson 444-2867
FAX Number 444-6998

Security Office

Chief Security Officer, Margaret Kauska 444-9535
Fax Number 444-4375



Main Number 444-6900
Administrator, Lee Baerlocher 444-3717
Management Officer, Britne Perez 444-2444



Administrator, Gordy Conn 444-7968
Deputy Administrator, Kory Hofland 444-0499
Management Officer, Brynn Dennehy 444-0494
FAX Number 444-9383

Alcoholic Beverage CONTROL

Administrator, Becky Schlauch 444-1464
Management Officer, Moreen Swingley 444-0717
Liquor Control Customer Service 444-6900
Liquor Truck Deliveries 444-0719

<span "="">Information Management and Collection

Main Number 444-6900
Administrator, Jill Hamilton 444-7315
Management Officer, Tonda Meyer 444-6966
FAX Number 444-7723 or 444-7724


Technology Services Division

Chief Information Officer, Manuel Soto 444-4395
Chief Applications Officer, Bob Finstad 444-6455
Chief Quality Assurance Officer, Christie Breland 444-1566
Chief Technical Operations Officer, Mick Peterson 444-1844
Administrative Assistant, Lynn Cheek 444-2853
Fax Number 444-7997