Last Update: 04/12/2024

Department of Military Affairs

Always Ready, Always There
PO Box 4789, 1956 Mt Majo Street, Fort Harrison, MT 59636-4789

Division, Bureau, and Program Listings

Director's Office

Director's Office

HAFRC Room 209, 1956 Mt. Majo St.
PO Box 4789, Fort Harrison, MT 59636-4789

Director's Office Website

Last Update: 06/22/2023

Director, Adjutant General, Major General J. Peter Hronek 406.324.3010
Deputy Director, Renea Dorvall 406.324.3199
Public Information Requests 406.444.2686

Office of Budget and Finance

Budget and Finance Website

Chief Financial Officer, Janae Grotbo 406.324.3333
Budget Analyst, Tamara Christiansen 406.218.2963
Procurement Specialist, Denise Flath 406.324.3338
Accountant, Rayna Brown 406.324.3339
Accountant, Carly Mitchell 406.324.3332
Financial Specialist, Nora-Paige McFadden 406.324.4772

Office of Human Resources

Human Resources Website

Chief Human Resource Officer, Damien Maricich 406.324.4762
Payroll/Benefits Officer, Karmen Griffiths-Millhouse 406.324.3319
Human Resources Generalist, Beth Strandberg 406.324.3334

Military Affairs Information Technology (MAIT)

HAFRC Room 115, 1956 Mt. Majo St.
PO Box 4789, Fort Harrison, MT 59636-4789

MAIT Website

DMA Help Desk and Support 406.324.3337
Chief Information Officer, Mike Paulsen 406.324.3337, Option 4
IT Network Systems Administrator, Keith Noem 406.324.3337, Option 2
IT Systems Support 2, Kara Blom-Santucci 406.324.3337, Option 1
IT Systems Support 2, Erica Mays 406.324.3337, Option 1




Construction Facilities Management Office

Construction and Facilities Management Office

1956 Mt. Majo St.
PO Box 4789, Fort Harrison, MT 59636-4789

CFMO Website

Last Update: 06/22/2023

Construction and Facilities Management Officer, Colonel Kelly Traynham 406.324.3107
Deputy Construction and Facilities Management Officer, Leslie White 406.324.3107

Contract Management Bureau

Contract Management Bureau Chief, Rick Dorvall 406.324.3082

Design and Project Management Bureau

Design and Project Management Bureau Chief, VACANT 406.324.3093

Environmental Bureau

Environmental Bureau Chief, Rebekah Myers 406.324.3087

Facilities Management Bureau

Facilities Management Bureau Chief, Chris Denning 406.324.3102

Plans and Programming Bureau

Plans and Programming Bureau Chief, Joel Miller 406.324.3132

Resource Management Bureau

Resource Management Bureau Chief, Matt Kemp 406.324.3103




Disaster and Emergency Services

Division Administrator, Delila 417-9232Budget Analyst, Gretchen 417-9106Disaster Communications Officer/PIO, Anette 439-0610Office Administrator, Krystal 439-2638Grants and Financial Specialist, Tricia
Disaster and Emergency Services

HAFRC Room 132, 1956 Mt. Majo St.
PO Box 4789, Fort Harrison, MT 59636-4789

DES Website

Last Update: 06/22/2023

Main Number 406.324.4777
Main Number 406.324.4777
Division Administrator, Delila Bruno 406.417.9232

Preparedness Bureau

Preparedness Bureau Chief, Burke Honzel 406.417.9233

Response Bureau Bureau

Response Bureau Chief, Brett Lloyd 406.417.9239

Recovery and Mitigation Bureau

Recovery and Mitigation Bureau Chief, Jake Ganieany 406.417.9234




Montana Air National Guard

120th Airlift Wing

120th Airlift Wing

2800 Airport Avenue B, Great Falls, MT 59404

120th Airlift Wing Website

Public Affairs Office




Facilities Supervisor, Don Meierhoff 406.791.0358
Budget Analyst, Michelle Ferguson 406.791.0479
Budget Analyst, DeAnne Kemp


Deputy Fire Chief, Jacob Harris





Montana Army National Guard

Montana Army National Guard

1956 Mt Majo Street, Fort Harrison, MT 59636

Montana Army National Guard Website

Public Affairs Office


Anti-Terrorism Program

Anti-Terrorism Program Coordinator, VACANT


Distance Learning Program

Distance Learning Program Administrator, Michelle Harbosen


Distance Learning Program Technician, Brendan Boots


Electronic Security Systems Program

Electronic Security Systems Supervisor, Kyle Stein


Electronic Security Systems Technician, Taif Adhami





Montana Youth ChalleNGe Academy

Montana Youth ChalleNGe Academy

Rise Up

790 East Cornell Street, Dillon, MT 59725

MYCA Website

Last Update: 06/22/2023

Main Number 406.683.7556
Toll Free Number 1.877.367.6927
Fax 406.218.2920
Director, Trent Gibson 406.988.7039
Deputy Director, Laura Thomas 406.558.4412
Administrative Assistant, Didi Murray Didi 406.960.4424
Staff Trainer, John Tuohy 406.26.7045

Admissions Department

Lead Admissions Counselor, Mark McGinley 406.865.0119
Admissions Counselor - Central MT, VACANT
Admissions Counselor - Eastern MT, Kevin Roche 406.925.1562
Admissions Counselor - Western MT, Ty Robinson 406.925.3894

Cadre Operational Leadership Team

Commandant, Michael Weldon 406.988.7029
Deputy Commandant, James McBride 406.960.4213
Team Leader - Day Shift, Sgt Kyle Burgess 406.925.1572
Team Leader - Swing Shift, Sgt Seth Gillis 406.925.1572
Team Leader - Mid Shift, Sgt Bree Jackson 406.925.1572

Counseling Department

Lead Academic Counselor, Ben Stewart 406.960.4462
Licensed School Counselor, Melissa Robbins 406.988.7032
Academic Counselor, Tammy Pitman 406.960.4470
Academic Counselor, Chad Craig 406.960.4480

Education Department

Lead Teacher, Jim Huber 406.960.4478
English Teacher, Meghan Stoddard 406.960.4475
Math Teacher, Riley Noble 406.988.7031
Science Teacher, Adrianna Pittman 406.960.4205
Social Studies Teacher, Carly Dunlap 406.988.7037

Marketing and Outreach

Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, Kamille Bergquist 406.960.4449

Post-Residential Department

Post-Residential Coordinator, Michelle Nelon 406.988.7028
Case Manager, Nathan Bellinger 406.960.4421
Case Manager, Kristin Novich 406.988.7044
Case Manager, Kerri Thomas 406.960.4465

Support Services

Support Services Supervisor, Ethan Powell 406.960.4445
Accountant, Heidi Woods 406.988.7043
Management Information Specialist, Madisonn Huntley 406.960.4417
Medical Technician, Colette Marx 406.960.4482
Purchasing/Supply Specialist, Jesse Whitmire 406.960.4383






 STARBASE Montana Website

Last Update: 06/22/2023

Director, Kara Bates Tangedal 406.791.0806
Office Manager Great Falls, Teryn Brown 406.791.0806
Office Manager Fort Harrison, Karen Grindstaff 406.324.3727

STARBASE Fort Harrison

1956 Mt Majo Street, Fort Harrison, MT 59636

STARBASE Fort Harrison Website

STARBASE Fort Harrison Main Number 406.324.3727

STARBASE Great Falls

2800 Airport Avenue B, Great Falls, MT 59404

STARBASE Great Falls Website

STARBASE Great Falls Main Number 406.791.0806




Veteran Affairs Division

Veterans Affairs Division

HAFRC Room 105, 1956 Mt. Majo St.
PO Box 4789, Fort Harrison, MT 59636-4789

MVAD Website

Last Update: 06/29/2023

Main Number 406.324.3742
Division Administrator, Kelly Ackerman 406.324.3741
Budget Analyst and Office Manager, Taryn Phillips 406.324.3740
Accountant, Emily Haley 406.558.3928
Admin Assistant, Bridger Ellis 406.324.3742

Veterans Cemetery Program

Main Number 406.324.3742
Veterans Cemetery Program Bureau Chief, Matt Manning 406.218.2949
Fort Harrison Cemetery Manager, Ezra Wooten 406.324.4793
Fort Harrison Groundskeeper, Michael Connolly 406.324.4794
Miles City Cemetery Manager, Kurt Holmlund 406.218.2945
Miles City Groundskeeper, Mike Cummins 406.218.2945
Missoula Cemetery Manager, Jeremy Millert 406.721.2995
Missoula Groundskeeper, Brady Paul 406.721.2995

Veterans Service Bureau

Veterans Service Officer Program Bureau Chief, Janine Mahn 406.388.4601
East Region Supervisor (Belgrade, Billings, Miles City), Lindsay Berge 406.656.0584
West Region Supervisor (Butte, Kalispell, Missoula), Bryan Zipp 406.417.3302
North Region Supervisor (Great Falls, Helena, Havre), Steven Mulonet 406.265.4225
Belgrade Veteran Service Office Main Number 406.551.7855
Belgrade Veteran Service Officer, Karyn Milledge 406.388.3186
Belgrade Veteran Service Officer, Eric Beal 406.324.4751
Belgrade Admin Assistant, Tim Colvin 406.551.7855
Billings Veteran Service Office Main Number 406.248.8579
Billings Veteran Service Officer, Shane Keehn 406.601.3373
Billings Veteran Service Officer, Ashlee Hernandez 406.259.5419
Billings Admin Assistant, Jarod Barr 406.248.8579
Butte Veteran Service Office Main Number 406.533.0910
Butte Veteran Service Office Supervisor, Saajid Muhammad 406.533.0910
Butte Admin Assistant, Daniel Bolton 406.533.0910
Great Falls Veteran Service Office Main Number 406.452.2265
Great Falls Veteran Service Office Supervisor, Kari Brunken 406.403.0071
Great Falls Veteran Service Officer, Candice Hering 406.403.0089
Great Falls Admin Assistant, De Vencil 406.452.2265
Havre Veteran Service Office Main Number 406.265.4225
Havre Veteran Service Officer, Brenda Evans 406.265.4234
Helena Veteran Service Office Main Number 406.495.2082
Helena Veteran Service Office Supervisor, Krystelle Baranyai 406.495.2080
Helena Veteran Service Officer, Brenna Richardson 406.495.2082
Kalispell Veteran Service Office Main Number 406.755.3795
Kalispell Veteran Service Officer, Sandy Sonju 406.755.3145
Kalispell Veteran Service Officer, Eric McElhaney 406.417.3297
Kalispell Admin Assistant, Cathy Herron 406.755.3795
Miles City Veteran Service Office Main Number 406.232.1203
Miles City Veteran Service Office Supervisor, Earl Edmonds 406.232.1203
Missoula Veteran Service Office Main Number 406.542.2501
Missoula Veteran Service Office Supervisor, Jackie Lamb 406.721.3180
Missoula Veteran Service Officer, Sara Ball 406.721.1288
Missoula Veteran Service Officer, Matt Goger 406.519.2379
Missoula Admin Assistant, Lisa Argo 406.206.4938