Montana State Library

State Librarian's Office

1515 E Sixth Ave
PO Box 201800
Helena, MT 59620-1800
(406) 444-3115
Fax (406) 444-0266
Montana Relay 711

State Library Main Number (800) 338-5087, (406) 444-3115
Digital Library Services, GIS/Circulation/Interlibrary Loan/Reference 444-5354
Geographic Information Website
GeoInfo Call Group 444-5356
Library Development Website
Talking Book Library (800) 332-3400; (406) 444-2064
Talking Book Library Website
Jennie Stapp, State Librarian 444-3116
Marilyn Bennett, Outreach & Digital Resources Librarian 444-5352
Jennifer Birnel, Montana Memory Project Director 438-2041
Troy Blandford, GIS Analyst-Water Information System Manager (Lead) 444-7930
Brendan Boots, Hot Spot Lending Program Support Technician 444-3365
Malissa Briggs, Central Services Manager 444-3117
Meghan Burns, GIS Programmer/Analyst 444-1550
Aaron Canen, Shared Catalog Systems Technician 459-8387
Carol Churchill, Accounting Technician 444-5348
Tracy Cook, Lead Statewide Consulting Librarian 431-0685
Jessica Edwards, Data Coordinator 444-5304
Erin Fashoway, State GIS Coordinator 444-9013
Michael Fashoway, GIS Programmer/Analyst (Lead) 444-2793
Jo Flick, Training and Development Specialist 431-1081
Lee Fossum, IT Manager 444-3380
Sonia Gavin, Reference Librarian 444-0242
Evan Hammer, Digital Library Administrator 444-5355
Sharon Hardwick, Human Resources Generalist 444-9816
Erin Harris, Coordinator of Volunteer Services/Recording Dir 444-5398
Jeff Hedstrom, GIS Analyst 444-5371
Pam Henley, Statewide Consulting Librarian 461-9049
Robert Holliday, GIS Programmer/Analyst 444-0770
James Kammerer, State Publications Librarian (Lead) 444-5432
Rebekah Kamp, Shared Catalog Systems Technician 431-2855
Ashley Kanduch, Accountant 444-5358
William Kessler, GIS Technician 444-3004
Kenny Ketner, Library Systems Programmer/Analyst (Lead) 444-2870
John Kilgour, Grants Contracts Coordinator 444-4128
Amelea Kim, Lifelong Learning Librarian 444-0224
Martin Landry, Circulation Clerk 444-3398
Amy Marchwick, Lead Shared Catalog Systems Technician 548-2539
Tom Marino, Web System Manager 444-0243
Keiley McGregor, Shared Catalog Training & Technical Support 461-3715
Stanley Munson, Web Developer 444-0197
Cara Orban, Consortia Director 444-5350
Caroline Psaltis, GIS Technician 444-0537
Suzanne Reymer, Statewide Consulting Librarian 698-0503
Joe Tosoni, Database Administrator 444-0223
VACANT, Administrative Assistant 444-3384
Chuck Vopicka, Statewide Projects Projects Technical Support 444-5377
Nate Wold, GIS Technician 444-0539

Montana Natural Heritage Program

Program Coordinator, Bryce Maxell 444-3989
Heidi Anderson, Stream Ecologist/GIS Specialist
Dan Bachen, Senior Zoologist 444-3586
Lydia Bailey, Ecologist/GIS Specialist 444-5358
Scott Blum, Assistant Biologist 444-0241
Andrew Britton, Stream Ecologist/GIS Specialist
Braden Burkholder, Information Specialist 444-0202
Boaz Crees, Data Assistant
Eric Dressing, Ecologist/GIS Specialist 444-5358
Phoebe Ferguson, Rangeland Ecologist/GIST Specialist
Kay Hajek, Ecologist/Project Lead 444-3500
Rachel Hamre, Roundup Invertebrate Crew Lead
Melissa Hart, Ecologist/GIS Specialist 243-5196
Sam Isham, Wetland Ecologist/GIS Specialist
Jennifer Rains Jones, Ecologist 444-5358
Emily Luther, Ecologist/GIS Analyst 243-5196
Alexis McEwan, Assistant Zoologist 444-0028
Jessica Mitchell, Spatial Analysis Lab Director 243-5196
Hanna Mohr, Wetland/Riparian Botanist
Sara Owen, Ecologist/GIS Specialist 444-4728
Darlene Patzer, Finance/Grants Administrator 444-3329
Andrea Pipp, Botany Program Manager 444-3019
Dave Ratz, Web Projects Manager 444-5691
Rachel Renne, Rangeland Ecologist/GIS Specialist
Shane Sater, Data Assistant
Ryhan Sempler, Ecologist/GIS Specialist 444-5358
Nomi Sherman, Ecologist/GIS Specialist
Lauren Sinclair, Rangeland Ecologist/GIS Specialist
Claudine Tobalske, GIS Programmer/Analyst 243-5196
Linda Vance, Ecology Project Manager 437-1083
Lindsey Weaver, Finance/Office Assistant 444-3488

Interagency Coordination

Catherine Maynard, Natural Resource Conservation Service Natural Resources Analyst 444-4546

Other State Agency Libraries

Commerce, Dept of Census and Economic Information Center Library 841-2740
Environmental Quality, Dept of Planning Division Library 444-6763
Fish Wildlife & Parks Fisheries Division Library 444-2449
Historical Society Library 444-2681
Law Library 444-3660
Legislative Research Center 444-3598
Natural Resources and Conservation, Department of Water Resources Division Library 444-6601
Public Instruction, Office of Resource Center 444-2082
Public Service Commission Library 444-6171
Transportation, Dept of Research Management Unit 444-7693