Department of Justice


215 N Sanders, Third Floor
PO Box 201401 Helena, MT 59620-1401
Attorney General, Austin Knudsen 444-2026
Chief of Staff, Will Selph 444-2026
Chief Deputy Attorney General, Derek Oestreicher 444-2026
Deputy Attorney General, David Ortley 444-2026
Solicitor General, David Dewhirst 444-2026
Deputy Chief of Staff, Rusty Gackle 444-2026
Assistant Solicitor General, Christian Corrigan 444-2026
Deputy Solicitor General, Brent Mead 444-2026
Assistant Solicitor General, Katie Smithgall 444-2026
Senior Policy Advisor, Stephanie Cote 444-2026
Policy Advisor, Alex Sterhan 444-2026
Legislative Liaison, Alan Doane 444-2026
Communications Director, Kyler Nerison 444-2031
Press Secretary, Emilee Cantrell 444-5779
Executive Assistant, Kelly Mougeot 444-2026
Executive Assistant, Laura Schultz 444-2026

State Attorney's Office

215 N Sanders, Third Floor
PO Box 201401 Helena, MT 59620-1401
FAX Number 444-3549

Appellate Services Bureau

Bureau Chief, Tammy Plubell 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Brad Fjeldheim 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Michael Dougherty 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Mardell Ployhar 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Katie Schulz 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Roy Brown 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Bree Gee 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Cori Losing 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Christine Hutchison
Paralegal, Janet Sanderson 444-3464
Paralegal, Wendi Waterman 444-2026
Paralegal, LaRay Jenks  444-5646

Civil Services Bureau

Assistant Attorney General, Emily Jones 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Tim Longfield  444-2078
Paralegal, Buffy Ekola 444-5776
Paralegal, Dia Lang 444-4501

Prosecution Services Bureau

Bureau Chief, Dan Guzynski 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, David Buchler 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Mike Gee 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Stephanie Robles 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Thorin Geist
Assistant Attorney General, Megann Paddock
Assistant Attorney General, Michael Schneider 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Selene Koepke
Assistant Attorney General/Corrections Prosecutor, Patrick Moody 444-2026
Paralegal, Tia Corwin 444-0662
Paralega, Maggie Sowisdral 444-3652
FAX Number 444-3549

Child Protection Unit

Supervisor Child Protection Unit, Karen Kane (Missoula) 329-1564
Assistant Attorney General, Jim Reinstma (Helena) 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, John Waller (Billings-East) 657-3157
Assistant Attorney General, Brooke Baracker-Taylor (Billings-West) 657-3140
Legal Secretary, Rita Davis 329-1584
Legal Secretary, Annie Olson 970-7750

Legal Assistants

Mary Stukaloff 444-2026

Agency Legal Services Bureau

1712 Ninth Avenue
P.O. Box 201440 Helena, MT 59620-1440
Interim Bureau Chief, Katherine Orr 444-0160
Deputy Bureau Chief, Aislinn Brown 444-9041
Agency Legal Counsel, Mike Rusell 444-2071
Agency Legal Counsel, Alan Zakheim 444-5890
Agency Legal Counsel, Michelle Dietrich 444-6497
Agency Legal Counsel, Madison Mattioli 444-0296
Agency Legal Counsel, Caitlin Buzzas 444-5797
Agency Legal Counsel, Elizabeth Leman 444-9508
Paralegal/Investigator, Elena Hagen 444-9511
Paralegal/Investigator, Jeremy Craft 444-1951
Paralegal, Kim Wollitz 444-5857
Paralegal, Rochelle Standish 444-1496
Office Manager, Thomas Restuccio 444-7375
FAX Number 444-4303

Office of Consumer Protection and Victim Services


555 Fuller Avenue
P.O. Box 201410 Helena, MT 59620-1410

Toll Free Number 1-800-498-6455
Main Number 444-3653
Director, Joan Eliel 444-1907
Program Specialist, Holley Johnson 444-5613
Program Specialist, Julie Rotar 444-4280
Program Specialist, DawnDee Hoffman 444-3728
Claims Assistant, Marcie Curey 444-5648
Restitution Officer, Amanda Eslick 444-7847
FAX Number 442-2174


555 Fuller Avenue
P.O. Box 200151 Helena, MT 59620-0501
Toll Free Number 1-800-481-6896
Main Number 444-4500
Director, Joan Eliel 444-1907
Assistant Attorney General, Caitlin Buzzas 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Chuck Munson 444-2026
Assistant Attorney General, Anne Yates 444-2026
Compliance Specialist, Janet Bramblett 444-4311
Compliance Specialist, Marcus Meyer 444-4173
Compliance Technician, Michael Hoffman 444-0576
Compliance Specialist, Emily Nichols 444-9405
Investigator/Program Specialist 444-5803
Paralegal, Buffy Ekola 444-5776
Paralegal (Tobacco), Jennifer Allen 444-5858
AmeriCorps Service Member, Max Seeley 444-1968
AmeriCorps Service Member, TJ Reed 444-4602
AmeriCorps Service Member, Christian Kelling 444-1975
FAX Number 442-1894


840 Helena Avenue
PO Box 201404 Helena, MT 59620-1404
Administrator, Stephanie Cote 444-5528
Main Line 444-5528
FAX Number 444-1887

Finance Bureau

Chief Financial Officers, Nate Thomas 437-3468
Procurement Specialist, Jackie Luhrsen 444-0671

Human Resources

Bureau Chief, June Henderson 444-5528
Payroll Supervisor, Laurie Roberts 438-6942


PO Box 201417
Helena, MT 59620-1417
Administrator, Bryan Lockerby 444-2967
Executive Assistant, Vickie LeBrun 791-2708
Administrative Officer, Emily Russell 444-3158
FAX Number 444-2759

Investigations Bureau

Bureau Chief, Lee Johnson 791-2707
State Fire Marshal 791-2710
Major Case Section 586-0902
Medicaid Fraud Assistant Attorney General 444-4720
Medicaid Fraud Legal Assistant 444-1930
Medicaid Fraud Control Section 444-7047
Medicaid Fraud Hotline 1-800-376-1115 or 444-4261
Medicaid Fraud FAX Number 444-7913
Investigations Bureau FAX Number 444-2759
Office of Consumer Protection 444-4500

Crime Information Bureau

Bureau Chief, Anne Dormady 444-9759
CJIN Section 444-2800
Background/Record Checks 444-3625
Cybercrime 444-9759
Human Trafficking Team 444-9759
ICAC 839-9070
Missing/Unidentified Persons Clearinghouse 444-1526
Missing Persons Specialist 444-3352
MATIC Section 444-1317
Criminal Records and Identification Services 444-3625

Narcotics Bureau

Bureau Chief, Steve Crawford 444-0271
Billings Office 896-4386
Butte Office 723-7461
Great Falls Office 791-2700
Kalispell Office 758-5883
Miles City Office 234-2987
Human Trafficking

Special Services Bureau

Bureau Chief, Dana Toole 444-1525
MCSART Program 444-1525
MDC Facility Investigator 444-0910
Human Trafficking Project 444-1525
Office of the Child and Family Ombudsman 844-252-4453
Sexual Assault Kit Initiative 444-5896
Victim Services 444-3653 or 1-800-481-6896

Law Enforcement Academy Bureau

2260 Sierra Road East, Helena, MT 59602
Bureau Chief, Glen Stinar 444-9957
Operations Manager, Rebecca Guyer-Strait 444-9954
General Information 444-9950
FAX Number 444-9977

Public Safety Officers Standards and Training Bureau

2260 Sierra Road East, Helena MT 59602

Executive Director, Eric Gilbertson 444-9976
Paralegal/Investigator, Katrina Bolger 444-9974


2679 Palmer, Missoula, MT 59808
Administrator, Travis Spinder 329-1127
Chief Medical Examiner, Walter Kemp, DO 255-1111
Administrative Officer, Annalisa Martin 329-1180
FAX Number 549-1067


615 S 27th St. Billings, MT 59101
Administrator, Jason Johnson 444-5693
Business Manager
Administrative Officer, Steffanie McGowan 601-5009
Assistant Attorney General, Morgan Varty 438-8118
FAX Number 896-4308

Audit Section

Supervisor, Allison Petty 444-2075

Compliance Specialist Section

Compliance Specialist Supervisor, Melina Bucy 444-9824
Compliance Specialist Supervisor, Ross Adams 601-5006

Licensing and Tax Section

Supervisor, Stacy Rogstad 601-5015

Technical Services Section

Supervisor, Matt Eckdahl 444-9152


18 Trooper Drive
PO Box 117 Boulder, MT 59632
Chief, Colonel Steve Lavin 444-3956
Assistant Chief, Lt. Colonel, Field Forces, Jason Hildenstab 444-3956
Operations Major, Kurt Sager 444-3588
Administrative Officer 444-0153
Public Information Officer, Sgt. Jay Nelson 444-4012
Fleet and Supply Section Supervisor, Sgt. John Spencer 444-1935
Communications Center Manager, Jackie Tuszynski 841-7001
Assistant Operations Commander, Lt. Lawrence Irwin 444-3825
Training and Research Section Supervisor, Sgt. Brian Casey 459-5941
Recruitment Toll Free 1-877-8PATROL
911 Program Manager, Quinn Ness 410-0105
Communications Center 841-7000 Ext. 1
Executive Assistant 444-3956
FAX Number 444-4169


302 N. Roberts, 5th Floor, Scott Hart Bldg
PO Box 201405 Helena, MT 59620-1405
CIO/IT Administrator Michael Harris 444-3708
Information Security Officer, Eric Tarr 437-8769
Administrative Officer, Dylan Martin 444-9561

Business Bureau

Business Manager, VACANT
Project Management Supervisor, Clarissa Kennedy 438-2169
Software Development Supervisor, Kirk Wagoner 444-4116

Support Services Bureau

Bureau Chief, Shawn Davis 444-0441
Justice IT Service Desk 1-844-331-4357 or 444-3993


302 N Roberts, Scott Hart Building
PO Box 201430, Helena, MT 59620-1430
Administrator, Laurie Bakri 444-3638
General Counsel 444-1776
Administrative Officer, Debbie Veroulis 444-1950
Office Manager, Katie Zarn 444-3638
MVD Customer Care Center 444-3933
Vehicle Services 444-3661
FAX Number 444-2086

Records and Driver Control and Support Bureau

302 N Roberts, Scott Hart Building
PO Box 201430, Helena, MT 59620-1430

Bureau Chief, Rebecca Connors 444-1779
Customer Service Program Supervisor, Karre Antonick 444-1990
MERLIN Audit Section Supervisor, Karen Treharn 444-7692
MERLIN Audit Section FAX Number 444-2086

Driver Services Bureau

302 N Roberts, Scott Hart Building
PO Box 201430, Helena, MT 59620-1430
Bureau Chief, Rebecca Connors 444-1779
Deputy Bureau Chief, Tyson Miller 606-2637
Deputy Bureau Chief, Felisha Koch 438-3331
Non-Commercial Unit (Suspension, Revocation, Driver Records, Disability Placards) 444-3933
Non-Commercial Unit - Driver Control FAX Number 444-1631
Non-Commercial Unit - Driver History FAX Number 444-3816
Commercial Driver License Unit 444-3933
Commercial Driver License Unit FAX Number 444-1987
CDL Help Desk 444-3244
Medical Unit 444-3933
On-line or Mail-In Driver License Renewal 444-3933

Vehicle Services Bureau

302 N Roberts, Scott Hart Building
PO Box 201431, Helena, MT 59620-1430

Bureau Chief, Joann Loehr 422-9051
Deputy Bureau Chief, Mike Walker 475-2365
Customer Communications, Nancy Hargrove 444-1901
Vehicle Valuation, Fay Johnson 444-6553
Vehicle Services Supervisor, Amber Meagher 444-2708
Vehicle Services Supervisor, Melissa Sonsteng 438-2897
Vehicle and Dealer Licensing Call Center 444-3661
FAX Number 444-0116


1720 9th Avenue
PO Box 201425 Helena, MT 59620-1425
Supervising Assistant Attorney General, Harley Harris 444-0226
Assistant Attorney General, Katherine Hausrath 444-0290
Administrative Specialist, Meranda Flugge 444-0229
Restoration Program Chief, Doug Martin 444-0234
Environmental Science Specialist, Brian Bartkowiak 444-0620
Environmental Science Specialist, Sydney Stewart 444-1346
Environmental Science Specialist, Jim Ford 444-4034
Environmental Science Specialist, Padraig Cunneen 444-4034
Environmental Science Specialist, Nathan Cook 444-4034
Environmental Science Specialist, Ray Vinkey 594-7689
Accounting and Procurement Specialist, Erin Ricci 444-0205
Records and Administrative Assistant, Dara Kittelmann 444-0205
FAX Number 444-0236

Montana Board of Crime Control

5 S. Last Chance Gulch
PO Box 201408 Helena, MT 59620-1408
Executive Director, Natalia Bowser 444-4244
Statistical Analysis Center Director, Kathy Wilkins 444-4298
Financial Manager, Maia Zelenak 444-7361
Grant Program Supervisor, Criselda De La Cruz 444-1998
Administrative Assistant, Mandy Rasmussen 444-2002
Administrative Officer, Jessi Deily 444-5692
FAX Number 444-4722