Montana Historical Society


225 North Roberts
PO Box 201201
Helena, MT 59620-1201

Montana Historical Society Museum 444-2694
Toll Free 1-800-243-9900
FAX Number 444-2696


Director's Office, General line 444-4706
Director, Molly Kruckenberg 444-5485
Public Information Officer, Eve Byron 444-6843
Development Officer, Virginia Sullivan 444-4013
Development Coordinator, Claudia Bickel 444-4713
Administrative Assistant, Jodel Fohn 444-1799

Centralized Services/Business Office

Centralized Services Administrator, Denise King 444-4699
Accountant/Fiscal Officer, Vacant 444-0702
Payroll & Benefits Specialist, Carol Loomis 444-2697
Accounting Technician, Monica Latham 444-2065
Information Technology Administrator, Rennan Rieke 444-0245

Museum Store

Toll Free Number (Outside Helena) 1-800-243-9900
General Information 444-2890
Store Manager, Rodric Coslet 444-4767
Assistant Manager, Dianna Berry 444-2918


Chief of Security, Jerry McGee 444-4693
Security, Charles Amundson 444-3695
Security, Christopher Johnson 444-3695
Security, Buddy Rivera 444-3695


Outreach & Interpretation Program Manager, Martha Kohl 444-4740
Program Specialist, Deb Mitchell 444-4789
Tour Guide, Anthony Schrillo 444-4794
Volunteer Coordinator, Katie White 444-9553
Interpretive Historian/Sign Program Coordinator, Christine Brown 444-1687
Historical Specialist, Vacant  


Senior Curator, Jennifer Bottomly O'looney 444-4753
Administrative Assistant, Karen Rouns 444-4710

Curatorial Office

Collections Manager, Amanda Streeter Trum 444-4719
Historian, Aaron Genton 444-4711
Assistant Registrar, Rowena Harrington 444-0359
Assistant Registrar, Kendra Newhall 444-0282

Exhibits Office

Exhibit Specialist, Roberta Jones-Wallace 444-4712
Museum Preparator, Jacob Franklin 444-4729


Editor/Program Manager, Diana Di Stefano 444-0090

Montana The Magazine of Western History

Subscription Orders 1-800-243-9900
General Information 444-4708
Associate Editor, Laura Ferguson 444-0974
Associate Editor, Jeff Bartos 444-2702
Graphic Designer, Diane Hall 458-0018
Business Manager, Tammy Ryan 444-4708


Research Center Manager, Roberta Gebhardt 444-4702
Reference Services 444-2681


State Archivist, Rich Aarstad 444-6779
Senior Archivist, Kellyn Younggren 444-3317
Archivist/Oral Historian, Anneliese Warhank 444-4774
Archivist, Aaron Rau 444-7059


Library Manager/NDNP Project Coordinator, Dan Karalus 444-7428
Library Technician, Maggie Meredith 444-9526
Technical Services Librarian, Laurie Chipps 444-4787
Reference Historian, Zoe Ann Stoltz 444-1988

Photograph Archives

Photograph Archives Reference Services 444-4739
Photograph Archives Manager, Jeff Malcomson 444-4714
Photographer, Tom Ferris 444-3514
Senior Photograph Archivist, Heather Hultman 444-3668
Photograph Archives Technician, Pam Smith 444-4739


1301 Lockey Avenue
PO Box 201202
Helena, MT 59620-1202
FAX Number 444-2696
Program Mgr./State Historic Preservation Officer, Pete Brown 444-7718
Administrative Assistant, Melissa Munson 444-7715
Grants Manager/Accounting, Renee Kelley 444-7768
Cultural Records Manager, Damon Murdo 444-7767
Cultural Records Assistant, Kyler Mozell 444-4724

Preservation Officers

Historic Architecture Specialist, Eric Newcombe 444-7717
National Register Coordinator, John Boughton 444-3647
Community Preservation Coordinator, Kate Hampton 444-7742
Review & Compliance Officer, Laura Evilsizer 444-7719
Compliance Officer, Laura Marsh 444-6485
State Archaeologist, Jessica Bush 444-0388