Last Update: 09/05/2023

Department of Environmental Quality

Main Office Physical Location: 1520 E Sixth Ave, Helena, MT 59601

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 200901, Helena MT 59620-0901

Department of Environmental Quality Organizational Chart

Contact information for public-facing positions at the Montana Department of Environmental Quality
Main Number 444-2544
FAX Number 444-4386
TTY 444-6332


Director, Chris Dorrington 444-2544
Deputy Director, James Fehr 444-7423
Executive Assistant, Sandy Moisey Scherer 444-5270

Board of Environmental Review

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 200901 Helena, MT 59620-0901

Board Secretary, Sandy Moisey Scherer 444-5225

Public Policy, Communications, and MEPA

Public Policy Director, Rebecca Harbage 444-2813
Public Relations Specialist, Moira Davin 444-6360
Public Relations Specialist, Kevin Stone 444-6469
Digital Media & Website Manager, Mae Vader 444-0201
MEPA/MFSA Coordinator, Craig Jones 444-0514
MEPA Coordinator, Emma Gronda 444-0219
Records & Information Requests, Daisy Dyrdahl-Roberts 444-6701

Legal Office

Main Number 444-2630
Chief Counsel, Angela Colamaria 444-2018
Chief Remediation Counsel, Jon Morgan 444-6589
Attorney Specialist, Paul Nicol 444-6549
Attorney Specialist, Kurt Moser 444-4009
Attorney Specialist, Jeremiah Langston 444-4201
Attorney Specialist, Kirsten Bowers 444-4222
Attorney Specialist, Lee McKenna 444-6559
Attorney Specialist, Patrick Hope 444-4202
Attorney Specialist, Nick Whitaker 444-5690
Attorney Specialist, Sarah Christopherson 444-6347
Attorney Specialist, Jessica Wilkerson 444-6490
Attorney Specialist, Aaron Pettis 444-1422
Attorney Specialist, Sam King 444-4961
Attorney Specialist, VACANT 444-1425
Paralegal, Catherine Armstrong 444-2630
Paralegal, Loryn Johnson 444-1388

Enforcement Program

Main Number 444-0379
Enforcement Program Manager, Chad Anderson 444-2964
Citizen Environmental Complaints/Spill Reporting 444-0379

Human Resources

Human Resources Manager, Christina Lipetzky 444-6717
Safety Director, Larry Alheim 444-5382

Financial Services

Main Number 444-2442
Chief Financial Officer, Denise Kelly 444-4964
Contracts Officer, Vicki Woodrow 444-3101
FAX Number 444-1804

Information Technology Bureau

Chief Information Officer, VACANT 444-7424
Network Systems Supervisor, Wil Ky 444-7994
Application Development Supervisor, Rob Hoffman 444-5342
Solution Architecture Supervisor, Chris Dubois 444-1760


Main Number 444-4323
Administrator, Sonja Nowakowski 444-0496
Financial Operations Manager, Elisabeth Campbell 444-2855
FAX Number 444-1374

Air Quality Bureau

Main Number 444-3490
Bureau Chief, Bo Wilkins 444-0286
Smoke Management Hotline 1-800-225-6779
FAX Number 444-1499
Air Quality Analysis & Planning Section Supervisor, Liz Ulrich 444-9741
Air Quality Research & Monitoring Section Supervisor, Kelly Dorsi 444-6695
Air Quality Permitting Section Supervisor, Julie Merkel 444-3626
Air Quality Field Services Section Supervisor, Jamin Grantham (Billings) 247-4446

Energy Bureau

Main Number 444-0281
Bureau Chief, Ben Brouwer 444-6588
Energy Efficiency and Compliance Assistance Section Supervisor, Bonnie Rouse 444-6439
Energy Planning & Renewables Section Supervisor, VACANT 444-6459
Radon Hotline 1-800-546-0483
Small Business Assistance Hotline 1-800-433-8773

Mining Bureau

Main Number, Hard Rock Mining 444-4953
Main Number, Coal & Opencut Mining 444-4970
FAX Number 444-1499
Bureau Chief, Dan Walsh 444-6791
Coal Section Supervisor, VACANT 444-4967
Hard Rock Operating Permit Section Supervisor, Eric Dahlgren 444-5245
Opencut Section Supervisor, Whitney Bausch 444-3403
Field Services Section Supervisor, VACANT 444-0055


Main Number 444-9710
Petro Board Director, Terry Wadsworth 444-9712
FAX Number 444-9711


Main Number 444-5546
Administrator, Lindsey Krywaruchka 444-4632
Financial Manager, Megan Smith 444-6755
FAX Number 444-6836

Water Quality Planning Bureau

Main Number 444-6697
Bureau Chief, Andy Ulven 444-2680
Quality Assurance Officer, Erin Louden 444-2879
Wetlands, 319 Grants, TMDLs, and Nonpoint Source, VACANT 444-7425
Monitoring & Assessment Section Supervisor, Darrin Kron 444-4765
Water Quality Standards Section Supervisor, Katie Makarowski 444-3639
Watershed Management Section Supervisor, Christina Staten 444-2836

Engineering Bureau

Main Number 444-4224
Bureau Chief, Rachel Clark 444-1277
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Supervisor, Sandie Koenig 444-6770
Water Pollution Control State Revolving Fund Supervisor, Mike Abrahamson 444-6776
PWS Engineering Review Section Supervisor, Jackie Kuhl 444-1515
Subdivision Review Section Supervisor, Shawn Rowland 444-6727

Public Water Supply Bureau

Main Number 444-4400
Bureau Chief, Greg Olsen 444-0493
Field Services Section Supervisor, Lisa Kaufman 444-5313
Public Water Supply Monitoring & Reporting Section Supervisor, Eugene (Gino) Pizzini 444-6972
Technical Services and Operator Certification Section Supervisor, Libby Murray-Henrikson 444-6781
Water & Wastewater Operator Certification, Jen VandenBos 444-4584

Water Protection Bureau

Main Number 444-5546
Bureau Chief, Tatiana Davila 444-0420
Surface Water, Groundwater, and Storm Water Discharge Permits 444-5546
Source Water Protection Program 444-4806
Compliance and Technical Support 444-0917
401 and 318 Certification 444-2734


Main Number 444-6444
Division Administrator, Amy Steinmetz 444-6383
Financial Manager, Karen Anthony 444-2443

Tanks, Brownfields, and Federal Facilities Bureau

Main Number 444-6444
Bureau Chief, Terri Mavencamp 444-5595
Cleanup, Protection, and Redevelopment Section Supervisor, Katie Morris 541-9017
Petroleum Tank Cleanup Section Supervisor, Latysha Pankratz 556-4512
Underground Storage Tanks Section Supervisor, Emily Ewart 444-4194
Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Hotline 800 457-0568

Superfund, AML, and Construction Bureau

Main Number 444-6458
Bureau Chief, Katie Garcin-Forba 444-6445
AML and Construction Services Section Supervisor, Jason Rappe (acting) 444-6802
Federal Superfund Section Supervisor, Carolina Balliew 444-0214
Site Response Section Supervisor, Denise Martin 444-6578
State Superfund Section Supervisor, Moriah Bucy 444-6366

Waste Management Bureau

Main Number 444-5300
Bureau Chief, Rick Thompson 444-5345
Hazardous Materials Section Supervisor, Denise Kirkpatrick 444-3983
Solid Waste Section Supervisor, Fred Collins 444-9879
Recycling Program 444-6499, 444-2835
Motor Vehicle Recycling & Disposal Program 444-3048
Septic Tank Pumpers and Land Farms 444-9879
FAX Number 444-1374