Corrections, Department of

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5 Last Chance Gulch Helena MT 59601 PO Box 201301 Helena MT 59620-1301

  Main Number 406-444-3930
  Fax Number 406-444-4920
  MT Department of Corrections Website
  Director, Reginald Michael 406-444-3930
  Deputy Director, Cynthia Wolken 406-444-3930
  Executive Assistant, Vacant  
  Administrative Assistant, Melissa McEwen 406-444-3930
  American Indian Liaison, Harlan Trombley 406-444-0403
  Fax Number 406-444-4551
  Communications Director, Carolynn Bright 406-444-0409
  Victim Program Manager, Jamie Rogers 406-444-7461
  Victims Information Hotline 1-888-223-6332
  Victim Information & Notification Everyday (VINE) 1-800-456-3076
  Crime Control Bureau Chief, Natalia Bowser 406-444-4244    
  Administrative Officer, Jessica Deily 406-444-5692
  Administrative Support, Amanda Rasmussen 406-444-2002
  Public Safety Program Specialist, Mark Thatcher 406-444-3605
  Project Coordinator, Victoria Green 406-444-3689
  Prevention & Treatment Program Specialist, Carrie Lutkehus 406-444-2632
  MT UCR/IBR Program Manager, Kathy Ruppert 406-444-2084
  Victims Program Specialist, Casey Peck 406-444-7010
  Victims Program Specialist, Meaghan Kolar 406-444-4763
  Victims Program Specialist, Kelly McIntosh 406-444-1998
  Juvenile Justice Specialist, Rachel Gemar 406-444-2056
  Data Unit Manager, Kathy Wilkins 406-444-4298
  Data Control Tech, Daniel Kayser 406-444-3651
  Grants Contract Coordinator, Melenie Duval 406-431-1621
  Fiscal, Connie Young 406-444-7361
  Budget Analyst, Chris Botteron 406-444-2076
  Accountant, Lana Mullaney 406-444-6678
  Accountant, Maureen Leo 406-444-2077
  Accountant, Adam Stoll 406-444-0340

Clinical Services Division

  Administrator, Connie Winner 406-444-6580
  Bureau Chief, Cindy Hiner (Medical Services) 406-444-5439
  Bureau Chief, Steffani Turner (Mental Health)   
  Administrative Officer, Michelle Foust 406-444-6453
  Managed Care RN, Vacant   

  Managed Care RN, Tonya Dempster 406-444-4449
  Managed Care RN, Sara Boutilier 406-444-4761
  Medical Administrative Officer, Sherri Monson (A-M) 406-444-7843
  Medical Administrative Officer, Jaymie Larsen (N-Z) 406-444-9647
  ADA Coordinator, Vacant
  Dentist, Dr Daniel Hash 406-444-9647
  FAX Number 406-444-9550
  Administrator, John Daugherty 406-444-4469

Quality Assurance Office

  Quality Assurance Director, Kurt Aughney 406-444-0348
  Compliance Manager, Vacant  
  Youth Compliance Manager, Shawn Songsteng 406-444-4941
  Compliance Manager, Griffin Burns 406--444-1551
  Program Compliance Manager, Erika Wimmer 406-444-3910
  PREA Specialist, Michele Morgenroth 406-444-6583
  Fax Number 406-444-4920

Accounting Bureau

  Bureau Chief, Kimberly Timm 406-444-4903
  Specialized Accounting Unit
  Financial Operations Manager, Jodi Stone 406-233-2200
  Federal Grant & Juvenile Placement Accountant, Sue Davis 406-896-5429
  Fax Number 406-896-5448
  Outside Medical Accountant, Karen Zarbolias 406-542-7125
  Fax Number 406-542-7638
  Accounting Technician MWP, Linda Paul 406-247-5115
  Fax Number 406-247-5161
  Accounting Technician MSP, Diane Cocergine 406-846-1320ext. 2208
  Fax Number 406-846-2966
  Accounting Technician MSP, Dianne Grant 406-846-1320ext. 2466
  Fax Number 406-846-2966

Accounting Unit

  Contract Beds Accountant, Kathy Cunningham 406-444-1562
  Lead Accountant, Sarah Martinez 406-444-4291
  Accounting Technician, Carrie Villa 406-444-0404
  Accounting Technician, Darla Cole 406-444-7421
  Accounting Technician, Tammy Berkas 406-444-4285
  FAX Number 406-444-9818

Collections Unit

  Financial Operations Manager, Lisa Grady 406-444-4938
  Collections Accounting Technician, Jessica Sandberg, Region 1 406-444-0492
  Collections Accounting Technician, Matt Swallows, Region 2 406-444-0431
  Collections Accounting Technician, Codie Mendoza, Region 4 & 6 406-444-9613
  Collections Accounting Technician, Tammy Blackburn, Region 3 406-444-0352
  Collections Accounting Technician, Alysen Svennugsen Region 5 406-444-0491
  FAX Number 406-444-9818
  Main Collections Line 406-444-6872
  Collections Toll Free Number 1-800-801-3478
  Online Payment for Restitution / Supervision Fees

Payroll Unit

  Financial Operations Manager, Lisa Grady 406-444-4938
  Payroll / Benefits Technician, Bonnie Galles 406-444-3979
  Payroll / Benefits Technician, Ann Cody 406-444-0364
  Payroll / Benefits Technician, Vacant   *  
  Payroll FAX Number 406-444-3958
  Payroll Toll Free Number 1-800-731-3464
  Budget Unit
  Budget Analyst Program 3, Kiela Harris 406-444-0428
  Budget Analyst Program 1, 6 & 7, Trish Gall 406-444-0436
  Budget Analyst Program 2, Emily Kittleson 406-444-1562
  Budget Analyst Program 4, Chris Briscoe 406-444-1541

Contract Management Bureau

  Bureau Chief, Pat Schlauch 406-444-4939
  Lead Contract & Procurement Agent, Kristi Hernandez 406-444-9649
  Purchasing Agent, Val Hartman 406-444-4236
  Contract & Procurement Agent, Sandy Jacke 406-444-4931
  FAX Number 406-444-9818

Information Technology Bureau

  CIO, Jon Straughn 406-444-1706
  IT Help Desk 406-444-4234
  Network Unit Manager, Darrel Wilcox 406-444-4035
  Application Development Unit Manager, Ryan Johns 406-444-0449
  Computer System Engineer, Mike Richetti 406-444-9521
  Information Technology Service Desk 406-444-4234
  IT Security Manager, Erin Stroop 406-444-0305
  IT Security Analyst, Christina Fowler 406-444-3913
  IT Training Specialist, Jeanine Stone 406-444-4895
  IT Training Specialist, Savannah Girlinghouse 406-444-3865
  Lead Network Systems Analyst, Rick Lovett 406-444-3914
  Network Systems Analyst, Brad Spencer 406-846-1320 ext.2407
  Network Systems Analyst, Cherrie Beyer 406-223-2241
  Network Systems Analyst, Chris Hermance 406-444-0434
  Network Systems Analyst, Jake Goodman 406-444-5247
  Network Systems Analyst, Jim Moses 406-444-4419
  Service Desk Support Technician, Dustin Klusman 406-444-4234
  Software Architect, Annie Wahl 406-444-9501
  Software Engineer, Cody Boucher 406-444-4143
  Software Engineer, Dominic Okapal 406-444-1347
  Software Engineer, Graysen Anson 406-444-0402
  Software Engineer, Sheronda Vaughn 406-444-0347
  Software Engineer, Yidong Li 406-444-5510
  Statistician & Data Quality Unit Manager, Rob Kersch 406-444-6719
  Statistician, John Monson III 406-444-4907
  Statistician, Kurt Lewis 406-444-3991
  Data Architect, Sierra Stark 406-444-0127
  Programs & Facilities Bureau
  Bureau Chief, Megan Coy 406-444-4333
  Administrative Assistant, Jenny Fuller 406-444-4333
  Case Manager, Cassie Breker 406-444-1615
  Contract Manager, Sue Chvilicek 406-444-4902
  Contract Manager, Dan Kissner 406-444-6483
  Contract Manager/Program Specialist, Jeff Christofferson 406-444-6551
  Policy and Procedure Specialist, Dee Glowacki 406-444-0355
  FAX Number 406-444-7909

Probation, Parole & Reentry Division

  Main Number 406-444-4333
  Administrator, Kevin Olson 406-444-4333
  Administrative Support, Jenny Fuller 406-444-4333
  PPD Operations Program Specialist, Timothy Allred 406-444-3781
  Program Specialist, Stacey Pace 406-444-4906
  Policy and Procedure Specialist, Dee Glowacki 406-444-0355
  FAX Number 406-444-7909

Adult Interstate Compact Section

  Adult Interstate Main Number 406-444-9522
  Adult Interstate Compact Section Manager, Cathy Gordon 406-444-4916
  Adult Interstate Agent, Jamie DeLappe-Gibson 406-444-9522
  Adult Interstate Agent (A-L), Janet Erb 406-444-4621
  Adult Interstate Agent (M-Z), Robert Hislop 406-444-4037
  FAX Number 406-444-7909

Legal Services Bureau


Bureau Chief, Colleen Ambrose

Montana State Prison, Legal Services


406-846-1320Ext 2277

  Attorney, Billings, Ira Eakin   * Billings 406-896-5456
  Attorney, Lorraine Schneider 406-444-3918
  Attorney, Roger Renville 406-444-9593
  Attorney, Wes Somogy 406-444-9750
  Paralegal, Kara Tobol 406-444-2778
  Legal Assistant @ MSP, Dayna Gilman   * 406-846-1320EXT 2455
  FAX Number 406-444-4920

Investigations Bureau

  Investigations Manager, Paul Szczepaniak 406-444-5386
  Investigator, Rich Collins 406-444-9623
  Investigator, Crossroads, Robert Leonard 406-434-7414
  Investigator, MWP/Pine Hills, Patrick Kruse 406-247-5167
  Investigator, MSP, Jeff Crowe   406-846-1320ext 2297
  Investigator, MSP, Jennifer Dale 406-444-0408
  Investigator, MSP, Kevin Perrault 406-846-1320ext 2304
  Investigator, MSP, Patrick Martin 406-846-1320ext 2350
  Investigator, MSP, Sherry Glovan   406-846-1320ext 2366
  Intelligence Analyst, MATIC, Greg Schulz   406-444-1426
  Intelligence Research Specialist, Sarah Hickey   406-444-9650

Human Resources Bureau

  HR Bureau Chief, Michael Hughes 406-444-0445
  Organizational Development Manager, Renee Seiller-McDaniel 406-444-1680
  HR Manager, Cynthia Davenport 406-846-1320ext.2229
  HR Manager, Charles Ayidomihou 406-444-2828
  Talant Acquisition Specialist, Rebecca Bruno 406-444-0229
  HR Lead Generalist, Karen Austin 406-233-2251
  HR Generalist, Kasey Pershing 406-444-1511
  HR Generalist, VACANT 406-444-0439
  HR Data Technician, Charlotte Hafer 406-444-9809
  Organizational Development Specialist, Vacant  
  FAX Number 406-444-4551
  Montana State Prison, 500 Conley Lake Road, Deer Lodge, MT 59722  
  HR Generalist, Holli Bennett 406-846-1320ext.2202
  HR Generalist, Jared Hardman 406-846-1320ext.2303
  HR Generalist, Skylar MacDonald 406-846-1320ext.2203
  FAX Number 406-846-2950
  Montana Women's Prison, 701 South 27th Street, Billings, MT 59101  
  HR Generalist, John Roy 406-247-5181
  Fax Number 406-247-5161

Professional Development Bureau

  Bureau Chief, David Garcia 406-444-3909
  Professional Development Specialist, Tanya Racki 406-444-7892
  Professional Development Specialist, Jim Pagels 406-444-9819
  eLearning Design and Developer, Ted Ward 406-444-4934
  FAX Number 406-444-4551
  Montana State Prison, 500 Conley Lake Road, Deer Lodge, MT 59722  
  Training Manager, David Garcia 406-846-1320 Ext. 2483
  Records Management Specialist, Geri Mason 406-846-1320 Ext. 2307
  FAX Number 406-846-7744
  Project Management Office
  Justice Reinvestment Implementation Coordinator, Mark Piskolich 406-444-4138
  Sr. Project Manager, Kathy Ralston 406-444-4227
  Project Manager, Jennifer Wilhoit 406-444-9648
  Business Analyst, VACANT  


1002 Hollenbeck Road Deer Lodge, MT 59722
  Executive Director, Annette Carter 406-846-1404
  FAX Number 406-846-3512