Department of Corrections


5 Last Chance Gulch Helena MT 59601 PO Box 201301 Helena MT 59620-1301

Main Number 406-444-3930
Fax Number 406-444-4920
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Director, Brian Gootkin 406-444-3930
Deputy Director, Cynthia Wolken 406-444-3930
Administrative Assistant, Melissa McEwen 406-444-3930
Fax Number 406-444-4551
Communications Services
Communications Director, Carolynn Bright 406-444-0409
Native American Liaison, Terry Boyd 406-431-8051
Public Information Officer, Alexandria Klapmeier 406-444-0333
Webmaster/Digital Media, Deitra Pester 406-444-4235
Customer Service/Family Liaison, Renee Seiller-McDaniel 406-444-1680
Legal Services Bureau
Bureau Chief, Colleen Ambrose 406-444-4152
Attorney, Andres Haladay 406-444-0354
Attorney, Roger Renville 406-444-9593
Attorney, Lorri Schneider 406-444-3918
Attorney, Wes Somogy 406-444-9750
Attorney, Molly McCarty 406-444-4934
Paralegal, Kara Tobol 406-444-2778
ADA Coordinator, Beth Strandberg 406-444-3803
Policy/Compliance Manager, Griffin Burns 406-444-1551
Legal Assistant at MSP, Dayna Gilman Ext. 2455
FAX Number 406-444-4920
Financial Services
Chief Financial Officer, Natalie Smitham 406-444-0445
Financial Services Bureau
Bureau Chief, Amber Thorvilson 406-444-4903
Accounting Unit
Contract Beds Accountant, Kathy Cunningham 406-444-1450
Accounting Manager, Sarah Martinez 406-444-4291
Accounting Technician, Tammy Berkas 406-444-4285
Accounting Technician, Lisa Thompson 406-444-7421
Accounting Technician, Carrie Villa 406-444-0404
Accounting Technician MSP, Dianne Grant 406-415-6466
    FAX Number 406-415-6580
Accounting Technician MWP, Jessica Rayes 406-247-5115
    FAX Number 406-247-5161
Specialized Accounting Unit
Specialized Accounting Manager, Jodi Stone 406-233-2200
Outside Medical Accountant, Karen Zarbolias 406-542-7125
    FAX Number 406-542-7638
Federal Grant & Juvenile Placement Accountant, Sue Davis 406-896-5429
    FAX Number 406-896-5448
Pine Hills Correctional Facility, Melissa Hagemeister 406-232-1377
Dawson Correctional Facility, Leanne Canrell Ext. 1200
Crossroads Correctional Facility, David Doran Ext. 47425
Great Falls Regional Prison, Diane Snyder Ext. 363
Budget Unit
Budget Unit Manager, Jodi Stone 406-233-2200
Budget Analyst Program 2, Kiela Harris 406-444-0428
Budget Analyst Program 1 & 4, VACANT 406-444-0436
Budget Analyst Program 3, Emily Mowers 406-444-1541
Restitution & Collections Unit
Financial Operations Manager, Lisa Grady 406-444-4938
Collections Accounting Technician Region 1, Jessica Sandberg 406-444-0492
Collections Accounting Technician Region 2, MSP Inmate Obligations, Matt Swallows 406-444-0431
Collections Accounting Technician Region 3, Ally Arnold  406-444-1562
Collections Accounting Technician Region 5, Tammy Blackburn 406-444-0352
Collections Accounting Technician Region 4, Codie Mendoza 406-444-9613
Collections Accounting Technician Region 6, Teresa Sturm 406-444-0491
FAX Number 406-444-9818
Main Collections Line 406-444-6872
Collections Toll Free Number 1-800-801-3478
Online Payment Portal for Restitution / Supervision Click Here
Payroll Unit
Financial Operations Manager, Lisa Grady 406-444-4938
Payroll / Benefits Technician, Darla Cole 406-444-6539
Payroll / Benefits Technician, Ann Cody 406-444-0364
Payroll FAX Number 406-444-3958
Payroll Toll Free Number 1-800-731-3464
Contracts & Procurement Unit
Contracts Unit Manager, Carleen Green 406-444-4939
Lead Contracts & Procurement Agent, Kristi Hernandez 406-444-9649
Contract & Procurement Agent, Ashley Salmon 406-444-4931
Procurement Agent, Val Hartman 406-444-4236
Central Services
Central Services Chief, John Daugherty 406-444-4469
Database Administrator, Dane Bullen 406-444-0347
Database Architect, Sierra, Stark 406-444-0127
Research Analyst, Janice Fries 406-444-4138
Information Technology
Service Desk 406-444-4234
CIO, Jon Straughn 406-444-1706
IT Training Specialist, VACANT 406-444-4895
IT Training Specialist, Savannah Girlinghouse 406-444-3865
IT Security Manager, Erin Stroop 406-444-0305
IT Security Analyst, Christina Fowler 406-444-3913
Network Unit Manager, Darrel Wilcox 406-444-4035
Computer Systems Engineer, Mike Richetti 406-444-9521
Lead Network Systems Analyst, Rick Lovett 406-444-3914
Network Systems Analyst, Austin Jacobs 406-415-6207
Network Systems Analyst, Cherrie Beyer 406-233-2241
Network Systems Analyst, VACANT 406-444-0434
Network Systems Analyst, Shawn Kidwell 406-444-5247
Network Systems Analyst, Jim Moses 406-444-4419
Application Development Unit Manager, Joel Norris 406-444-0449
Software Architect, Annie Wahl 406-444-9501
Software Engineer, VACANT 406-444-4143
Software Engineer, VACANT 406-444-1347
Software Engineer, Graysen Anson 406-444-0402
Software Engineer, Yidong Li 406-444-5510
Software Engineer, Josh Divine
Statistician & Data Quality Unit Manager, Rob Kersch 406-444-6719
Statistician, John Monson III 406-444-4907
Statistician, Kurt Lewis 406-444-3991
Office of Human Resources
HR Bureau Chief, Michael Hughes 406-444-0445
HR Manager, Charles Ayidomihou 406-444-2828
HR Data Technician, Charlotte Hafer 406-444-9809
HR Generalist, Amanda Yocum 406-444-0439
HR Generalist, Margaret McNivens 406-444-1511
Talent Acquisition Specialist, Rebecca Bruno 406-444-0029
FAX Number 406-444-4551
HR Lead Generalist MSP & MWP, Karen Austin 406-233-2251
Montana State Prison, 500 Conley Lake Road, Deer Lodge, MT 59722
HR Generalist, Holli Bennett 406-846-1320 Ext. 2202
HR Generalist, Jared Hardman 406-846-1320 Ext. 2303
HR Generalist, Skylar MacDonald 406-846-1320 Ext. 2203
FAX Number 406-846-2950
Montana Women's Prison, 701 South 27th Street, Billings, MT 59101
HR Generalist, John Roy 406-247-5181
FAX Number 406-247-5161
Project Management Office
Sr. Project Manager, Kathy Ralston 406-444-4227
Project Manager, John Graham
CSD Project Manager, Maggie Brockhaus 406-444-9648
Business Analyst, Jeanine Stone 406-444-4118
Public Safety Office
Public Safety Chief, Jim Anderson 406-444-9610
Administrative Support, Jenny Fuller 406-444-4333
Probation and Parole Central Services
Deputy Compact Supervisor, Cathy Gordon 406-444-4916
Adult Interstate Agent, Jamie Briggs 406-444-9522
Adult Interstate Agent (A-L), Janet Erb 406-444-4621
Adult Interstate Agent (M-Z), Robert Hislop 406-444-4037
PPD Operations Program Specialist, Timothy Allred 406-444-3781
Policy & Procedure Specialist, Alan Miller 406-444-0355
Main Line Phone Number 406-444-4333
FAX Number 406-444-7909
Public Safety Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Director, Kurt Aughney 406-444-0348
PREA Coordinator
PREA Specialist, Michele Morgenroth 406-444-6583
Investigations Manager, Shane Hildenstab 406-444-5386
PREA Investigator, Lorna Kachinsky 406-415-6340
Investigator, Richard Collins 406-444-9623
Investigator, Crossroads, Robert Leonard 406-434-7414
Investigator, MWP/Pine Hills, Patrick Kruse 406-247-5167
Investigator, MSP, Jeff Crowe 406-415-6297
Investigator, MSP, Jennifer Dale 406-444-0408
Investigator, MSP, Kevin Perrault 406-415-6304
Investigator, MSP, Patrick Martin 406-415-6350
Investigator, Sherry Glovan 406-415-6366
Intelligence Analyst, MATIC, Greg Schulz 406-444-1426
Intelligence Research Specialist, Sarah Hickey 406-444-9650
Rehabilitation & Programs
Rehabilitation & Programs Chief, Scott Eychner 406-444-9666
Compliance Manager, Roey Pfisterer 406-444-4941
Compliance Manager, VACANT 406-444-3414
Program Compliance Manager, Erika Wimmer 406-444-3910
Community Corrections Facilities & Programs
Bureau Chief, Megan Coy 406-444-1538
Case Manager, Sierra McGinnis 406-444-6483
Contract Manager, Madisen Lindquist 406-444-4906
Contract Manager, Dan Kissner 406-444-7795
Contract Manager, Sue Chvilicek 406-444-4902
Contract Manager, Cassie Breker 406-444-1615
Contract Manager/Program Specialist, Jeff Christofferson 406-444-6551
Health Services
Administrator, VACANT 406-444-6580
Bureau Chief (Mental Health), Steffani Turner 406-444-1547
Bureau Chief (Medical Services), Cindy Hiner 406-444-5439
Managed Care RN, Todd Boese 406-444-4761
Managed Care RN, Tonya Dempster 406-444-1503
Managed Care RN, VACANT 406-444-4449
Dentist, Dr. Daniel Hash 406-444-9647
Medicaid Administrative Officer (A-L), Sherri Monson 406-444-7843
Medicaid Administrative Officer (M-Z), VACANT
Administrative Officer, Michelle Foust 406-444-6453
FAX Number 406-444-9950
Victim Services
Victim Program Manager, Jamie Rogers 406-444-7461
Victim Liaison, Allison Smaaladen 406-691-7259
Victim Liaison, Kim Doherty 406-691-7258
Victim Liaison, Monica Huffman 406-268-3223
Victim Liaison, Sheree TalksAbout 406-542-7124
Victim Liaison, Maria Dinkel 406-896-5445
Victim Information Helpline 1-888-223-6332
Victim Information & Notification Everyday (VINE) Click Here For Website 1-800-456-3076

Board of Pardons & Parole

1002 Hollenbeck Road Deer Lodge, MT 59722

Executive Director, Steve Hurd 406-846-1404
FAX Number 406-846-3512