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General Information

1301 East 6th Avenue - Capitol Building

PO Box 201706 Helena MT 59620-1706

Legislative Branch Main Line 406-444-3064

Audit Division Direct Line


Fiscal Division Direct Line


Services Division Direct Line


Website: http://leg.mt.gov

Executive Director, Susan Byorth Fox 444-3066
Code Commissioner, Todd Everts 444-4023
Legislative Library and Reference Center 444-3598
Legislative Services Main FAX Number 444-3036
Interim Committee Hearings Schedule (non session) -- Available year round http://leg.mt.gov

Legislative Session Information and Messaging

Session Information Desk, Session committee hearings schedules, and messages for Legislators - Use during Session only 444-4800
TTY information and messages for Legislators - Use during Session only 444-4462
Contact information for Legislators - Use between Sessions http://leg.mt.gov
Note: The Montana Legislature meets in regular session from January through April of odd-numbered years; House and Senate Leadership phone numbers listed in these two sections below are only operational during that time. For Legislative Leadership contact information when the Legislature is not in session, please call Legislative Services Division at 406-444-3064 or visit the Legislative website at http://leg.mt.gov and click on "Find a Legislator."


State Capitol, PO Box 200400, Helena, MT
Speaker of House - Austin Knudsen 444-4815
Majority Floor Leader - Ron Ehli 444-4815
Minority Floor Leader - Jenny Eck 444-4821
Chief Clerk - Lindsey Vroegindewey 444-4819
Sergeant-At-Arms - Brad Murfitt 444-4200


State Capitol, PO Box 200500, Helena, MT
President of the Senate - Scott Sales 444-4880
Majority Floor Leader - Fred Thomas 444-4792
Minority Floor Leader - Jon Sesso 444-4874
Secretary of Senate - Marilyn Miller 444-4801

Sergeant-At-Arms - Carl Spencer



Room 160, State Capitol
PO Box 201705 Helena, MT 59620-1705
Legislative Auditor, Angus Maciver 444-3122
Deputy Legislative Auditor for Financial-Compliance Audits, Cindy Jorgenson 444-3122
Deputy Legislative Auditor for Performance and Information Systems Audits, Joe Murray 444-3122
Legal Counsel, Deborah Butler 444-3122
Fraud Hotline, Local Calls 444-4446
Legislative Auditor's Fraud Hotline 1-800-222-4446
FAX Number 444-9784


Room 110, State Capitol
PO Box 201711 Helena, MT 59620-1711
Legislative Fiscal Analyst, Amy Carlson 444-2988
Fiscal Manager, Joe Triem 444-5834
Operations Manager, Quinn Holzer 444-5385
Lead Fiscal Analyst  
Stephanie Morrison 444-4408
Nick VanBrown 444-4461
Kris Wilkinson 444-2722
Senior Fiscal Analyst, Cathy Duncan 444-4580 
Fiscal Analyst:  
Schauna Albrecht 444-1783
Jonathan Arnold 444-5389
Scott Conrady 444-4421
Katie Guenther 444-4111
Alice Hecht 444-1825
Rob Miller 444-1795
Josh Poulette 444-1542
Sam Schaefer 444-1787
Data Analyst, Katie Church 444-5347
Communications Supervisor, Susie Lindsay 444-4121
Web Communications Technical Specialist, Karen Gilbert 444-2063


Room 110, State Capitol
PO Box 201706 Helena, MT 59620-1706
Executive Director, Susan Byorth Fox 444-3066
Code Commissioner, Todd Everts 444-4023

Central Services Office

Financial Services Manager, Jennifer Simmons 444-9542
Continuity & Facilities, Lenore M. Adams 444-4456
Accounting Specialist, Dawn Hicks 444-3411
Budget & Financial Specialist, Angie Carter 444-4380
Human Resource Manager, Kelly DaSilva 444-3230
Human Resource Specialist, Lesley Farry 444-3201
Financial and Human Resources Office FAX Number 444-3971

Legal Services Office

Director of Legal Services and Code Commissioner, Todd Everts 444-4023
Legislative Attorney: 444-4022
Ginger Aldrich 444-4464
Erin Bills 444-3804
Julianne Burkhardt 444-4025
Jaret Coles 444-4022
Julie Johnson 444-4024
Alexis Sandru 444-4026
Laura Sankey Keip 444-4410
Jameson Walker 444-3722
Chief Legislative Technical Editor, Connie Dixon 444-3483
Legislative Technical Editor:  
Shana Harrington 444-3058
Karl Krempel 444-3087
Senior Proofreader/Annotations Coordinator, Kip Rusek 444-3719

Office of Legislative Information Services

Chief Information Officer, Dale Gow 444-4021
Advanced Technical Services Manager, Mike Allen 444-4101
Operations Section Manager, Lindsey Krywaruchka 444-3590
Programmer Analyst:  
Grayson Anson 444-4733
Thomas Castona 444-4470
Jim Gordon 444-2493
Alysa Semans 444-3591
Matt Goldsworthy 444-3715
Business Analyst:  
Darrin McLean 444-0540
Susan Murray 444-1383
Tammy Stuart 444-4471
Network Engineer:  
Josh Gillespie 444-2795
Cyndie Locket 444-1943
Network Administrator:  
Kenny Bagg 444-3214
Ryan Ball 444-1650
Jeff Thomas 444-2088
DevOps: Amy Moore 444-1646
Publications Officer:  Molly Petersen 444-2957
Audio Visual Coordinator: Jessica James 444-3267
Web Content Specialist: Trista Hillman-Glazier 444-3067
Legislative Librarian:  Sonia Gavin 444-4848

Office of Research and Policy Analysis

Research Director, Sonja Nowakowski 444-3078
Research Analyst:  
Leanne Kurtz 444-3593
Pad McCracken 444-3595
Megan Moore 444-4496
Pat Murdo 444-4494
Sue O'Connell 444-3597
Sheri Scurr 444-3596
Rachel Weiss 444-5367
Legislative Services Receptionist, Bri Nordhagen 444-4871
Legislative Secretaries:  
Fong Hom 444-0502
Laura Sherley 444-9541
Jenni Carr 444-3073
Legislative Services Main Office FAX Number 444-3036

Legislative Environmental Policy Office

Room 171, State Capitol
PO Box 201704, Helena, MT 59620-1704 444-3742

Legislative Environmental Analyst, Joe Kolman 444-3747
Research Analyst:  
Jason Mohr 444-1640
Hope Stockwell 444-9280
Trevor Graff 444-4975
Research Assistant, Dawn Field 444-3742
LEPO FAX Number 444-3971


111 North Last Chance Gulch Suite 1B
PO Box 201703 Helena, MT 59620-1703
Consumer Counsel, Robert A. Nelson 444-2771
Office Manager, Suzanne Snow 444-9747
Rate Analyst, Paul Schulz 444-9749
Staff Attorney, Jason T. Brown 444-9698
Lawrence P Nordell 444-2772
Jamie Stamatson 444-9697
FAX Number 444-2760