Natural Resources and Conservation, Department of

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1539 11th Avenue
PO Box 201601 Helena, MT 59620-1601
Phone 444-2074
FAX Number 444-2684

TDD (Telephone Device for Deaf)

Director, John E. Tubbs 444-1948
Deputy Director (Interim), Kerry Davant 444-6671
Public Information Officer, John Grassy 444-0465
Chief of Staff, Kerry Davant 444-4942
Executive Assistant/Admin., Shannin Danko 444-0505
Support Supervisor, Vacant 444-6699


Chief Legal Counsel, Danna Jackson 444-0503
Deputy Chief Legal Counsel, Brian Bramblett 444-9758
Legal Counsel, Barbara Chillcott 444-6336
Legal Counsel, Laura Farkas 444-5785
Legal Counsel, Ada Montague 444-1451
Legal Counsel, Mark Phares 542-4341
Legal Counsel, Fred Robinson 444-6703
Legal Counsel, Jessica Wiles 444-1439
Legal Assistant, Aliselina Strong 444-5258


Chief Financial Officer, Patricia Greiberis 444-6734
Accountant, Mary Dykstra 444-6729
Accountant, Lorna Gregory 444-4947
Loan Accounting Technician, Debbie Kockler 444-1449
Lead Budget Analyst, DeAnna Noel 444-5701
Budget Analyst, Carol Crider 444-0595
Accountant/AP Supervisor, Coleen Ward 444-6735
Accounting Tech Procard, Cathlien Butler 444-4260
Accounting Technician, Jeannine Brown 444-9746
Accounting Technician, Rita Nason 444-6638
Trust Accountant, April Kidwell 444-2016
Accounting Technician-Cashier, Becky Grande 444-0521
Records Manager, KarenDe Herman 444-5581


Human Resources Bureau Chief, Christy Stapley 444-1309 
Human Resources Specialist, Kelly Bishop 444-6673
Human Resources Specialist, Carol Nelson 444-0513
Safety Officer, Paige Tabor 444-2079
Payroll Supervisor/Accountant, Tammy Stineback 444-5735
Payroll Technician, Vacant 444-6743
Contracting Officer, Gwen Ungerman 444-6724


Chief Information Officer, Kreh Germaine 444-0575
Technical Services Manager, Casey Balcerzak 444-1283
GIS Manager, Brian Collins 542-5806
GIS Specialist, Bret Lian 444-5748
GIS Specialist, Liz Hertz 542-4222
GIS Specialist, Nick Swartz 444-3418 
Data and Systems Manager, Christopher Kuntz 444-5756
GIS Analyst, Donna Riebe 542-4254
Database Manager, Dave Coey 444-9122
Database Administrator, Heather Nelson 444-0536
Computer Services Admin. Specialist, Maura Gruber 444-0573
Programmer, Pam Kennedy 444-6621
Network Administrator - Billings, Warren Sanders 247-4424
Network Administrator - Helena, Milt Popovich 444-6718
Network Administrator - Helena, Jeanette Prevel 444-4948
Network Administrator - Kalispell, Ted Joern 751-2279
Network Administrator - Missoula, Susan Rose 542-4318
Senior Software Engineer, Brad Villa 444-1443
Systems Engineer, Karen Donnafield 444-0577
Applications Manager, John Adams 444-1302
Software Engineer, Bryce Bauer 444-4398 
Software Engineer, Luke Dutton 444-1336
Web and Media Specialist, Jacob Dysart 444-7919


FAX Number 444-6721
Administrator, Mark Bostrom 444-9708
Resource Program Manager, Carolyn Sime 444-0554
Environmental Science Specialist, Therese Hartman 444-1467
Environmental Science Specialist, Graham Neale 444-2613
Program Specialist, Ross Campbell 444-6852

Loan & Financial Management Bureau

Bureau Chief, Anna Miller 444-6689
Financial Specialist, Diana Hoy 444-6690
Financial Specialist, Linda Beckstrom 444-6840
Administrative Support, Amy Personette 444-6667
Administrative Support, Denise Cook 444-6668
Program Specialist, Bill Herbolich 444-6686
Regional Project Coordinator, Rick Duncan 444-1879
Financial Specialist, Cidre Sivils 444-6829

Conservation Districts Bureau

Bureau Chief, Laurie Zeller 444-6669
Resource Specialist, Linda Brander 444-0520
Public Information Specialist, Dave Martin 444-4253
Forest Service Liason, John Hagengruber 444-4490
Conservation District Specialist, Karl Christians 444-3022
Rangeland Coordinator, Stacey Barta 444-6619
Stream Permitting Coordinator, Bob Flesher 444-4340 

Resource Development Bureau

Bureau Chief, Alice Stanley 444-6687
RRGL Program Manager, Lindsay Volpe 444-9766
RDG Program Manager, Stephanie Hester 444-0547
Renewable Resource Grant Manger, Sonja Hoeglund 444-0552
RRGL Grant Manager, Brad Catron 444-6839
RGDP Grant Manager, Heidi Anderson-Folnagy 444-6691
Civil Engineer Specialist, Robert Fischer 444-6688


2705 Spurgin Road, Missoula, MT 59804
Phone 542-4300
FAX Number 542-4217
Administrator, Sue Clark 542-4204

Business Management Bureau

Business Management Bureau Chief, Sue Clark 542-4204
Fire Finance Specialist, Joanne Marceau 542-4252
Budget and Grants Supervisor, Marci Anderson 542-4305
Grants and Agreements Specialist, Lorie Palm 542-4205 
Grant Support Technician, Caroline Reel 542-4307
HRA Account Specialist, Kate Kronen 542-4335
Business Operations Supervisor, Deana Carlson 542-4308
Receptionist, Barb Powell 542-4300
Administrative Support, Cori Gray 542-4316
Administrative Support, Chloe Danison-Fieldhouse 542-4300
Building and Maintenance Supervisor, Ken Gragg 542-4320
Custodian, Jane Cardinalli 542-4320

Fire and Aviation Management Bureau

Fire and Aviation Management Bureau Chief, Mike DeGrosky 542-4304
Fire Business Management, Nemah Hulett 542-4230
Westside Safety Specialist, Dylan Dickinson 542-4247
Assistant Fire Management Officer, Beau Maciag 542-4240
State Direct Protection Coordinator, Harold Gemmell 329-4996

Equipment Development and Support Section

Development and Support Supervisor, Todd Klemann 542-4325
Communications Engineer, Sean Gallagher 542-4213
Communications Technician, Steve Longacre 542-4257
Purchasing and Procurement, Vacant 542-4237
Purchasing Agent, Eugene Shepard 542-4271
Purchasing and Procurement Specialist, Rose Kirschenheiter 542-4228
Equipment Development Center Shop Foreman, Rich Rose 542-4272
Mechanic/Machinist, Leo Miller 542-4324
Mechanic/Machinist, Vacant 542-4324
Mechanic/Machinist, Dave Bauer 542-4324
Mechanic/Machinist, Eric Pallas 542-4324
Mechanic/Machinist, Brian Hall 542-4324

Fire Operations Section

Deputy Chief Fire Operations John Monzie 542-4220
Rural Fire Coordinator, Doug Williams 788-7718
Accounting Technician, Rhea Blankenship 542-4267
Direct Protection Fire Coordinator, Harold Gemmell 329-4996
NRCC Dispatcher, Roy Robinson 329-4881

Fire Preparedness Section

Deputy Chief Fire Preparedness, Bruce Suenram 542-4223
Administrative Support, Linda Robinson 542-4250
Tech Services and Assessments, Kate Tran 542-4333
Fire Training Specialist, Paul Fieldhouse 542-4255
Eastside Training Specialist, Tim Crosmer 542-7780
Fire Prevention Specialist, Crystal Beckman 542-4251

Forest Assistance Bureau

Phone 542-4300
Forestry Assistance Bureau Chief, Vacant 542-4235
Local County Forest Advisor, Matt Arno 542-4239
USFS Liaison, Neil Simpson 542-4371
Stewardship Program Manager, Angela Mallon Wells 542-4221
Stewardship Initiative Coordinator, Ashley Juran  
Stewardship Specialist, Erik Warrington 542-4303
Urban Forestry Program Manager, Jamie Kirby 542-4288
Wood Promotion and Biomass Coordinator, Thomas Perry 542-4210
UCF Program Specialist, Karen Shelly 542-4246
Forest Pest Management Program Manager, Amy Gannon 542-4283
Forest Pest Specialist, August Kramer 542-4330
Forestry Pathologist, Kathleen McKeever 542-4330
Forest Practices Program Manager, Roger Ziesak 542-4338
Nursery Section Supervisor, Brian Quilter 542-4334
Nursery Mechanic, Brian Block 542-4270
Nursery Office Manager, Megan Lodders 542-4244

Office of Geographic Information Systems

GIS Analyst/Technical Lead, Brian Collins 542-5806
GIS Analyst, Donna Riebe 542-4254
GIS Specialist, Liz Hertz 542-4222

Forest Management Bureau

Phone 542-4300
FAX Number 542-4274
Forest Management Bureau Chief, Sonya Germann 542-4306
Deputy Bureau Chief, Gary Frank 542-4328
Business Operations Supervisor, Deana Carlson 542-4308
Forest Product Sales Supervisor, Sarah Lyngholm 542-4276
Forest Product Sales Assistant, Vacant 542-4209
Resource Economist, Vacant 542-4212
Resource Management/Planning Section Supervisor, Jeff Schmalenberg 542-4322
Forest Management Planner, Jessica Brown Thiel 542-4314
Lead Fisheries Biologist, Michael Anderson 542-4232
Lead Wildlife Biologist, Ross Baty 542-4202
Forest Inventory Section, Dan Rogers 542-4302
Forest Ecologist/Silviculturist, Tim Spoelma 542-4269
Lead Inventory Forester, Mark Slaten 542-4323
Inventory Forester, Wayne Lyngholm 542-4245
Inventory Crew Lead, Matt Lufholm  

Southwestern Land Office

 1401 27th Avenue
Missoula, MT 59801

Phone 542-4200
FAX Number 542-4285
Area Manager, Mike O'Herron 542-4261
Office Manager, Sierra Farmer 542-4249

Missoula Unit Office

1500 Tower Street
Missoula, MT 59801

Phone 542-4201
FAX Number 542-5807
Unit Manager, Jonathan Hansen 542-4309
Service Forester, Jeff Rupkalvis 542-4313
Office Manager, Natasha Bucklin 542-5813

Air Operations Section

2580 Airport Road
Helena, MT 59620-1601

Chief Pilot, Chuck Brenton 444-0747
Safety Pilot, Tal Williams 444-4766
Helicopter Pilot, Chris Bryce 444-0741
Helicopter Pilot, Thomas Mendyke 444-0741
Helicopter Pilot, Don Sneck 444-0741
Helicopter Pilot, Keith Banning 444-9439
Helicopter Pilot, Randy Yaeger 444-0780
Maintenance Supervisor, Ed Martin 444-0789
Aircraft Mechanic, Kevin Flanagan 444-0789
Aircraft Mechanic, Russell Mason 444-0789
Aircraft Mechanic, Brad Garber 444-0789

Central Land Office

8001 North Montana
Helena, MT 59602

FAX Number 458-3506
Area Manager, Hoyt Richards 458-3501
Office Manager, Debbie Barela 458-3500


1625 Eleventh Avenue
Helena, MT 59620-1601
FAX Number 444-2453
Administrative Support, Vacant 444-6732
Administrative Assistant, Erin Ricci 444-6731

Board of Oil & Gas Conservation


Billings Oil & Gas Conservation Headquarters

2535 St John's Avenue
Billings, MT 59102
(Interim) Administrator, Jim Halvorson 656-0040


Phone 444-2074
Administrator, Shawn Thomas 444-4978
Budget Analyst, Connie Daruk 444-3842
Financial Specialist, Robin Hein 444-5760
Program Manager, Carolyn Arrington 444-0292
Program Manager, Jessica Hoag 444-3544

Agriculture & Grazing Management Bureau

Bureau Chief, Kevin Chappell 444-3847
Land Management Supervisor, Dave Mousel 444-2991
Archeologist, Patrick Rennie 444-2882
Hydrologist/Water Rights, Dennis Meyer 444-5484
Weed Specialist, Dan Dobler 444-9726
Accounting Technician, Theresa Hossfeld 444-3014
Surface Leasing Supervisor, Betty Demers 444-4951
Land Use Specialist, Heidi Crum 458-3514
Administrative Assistant, Amanda Taylor 444-2058
Administrative Assistant, Renee Kelley 444-4289

Minerals Management Bureau

Bureau Chief, Monte Mason 444-3843
Geologist, Teresa Kinley 444-2845
Mineral Leasing Supervisor, Julie Mason 444-4576
Audit Program Supervisor, Kirk Leikam 444-4561
Accounting Technician, Carol Stefely 444-3770
Senior Accounting Tech, Theresa Hossfeld 444-4986
Mineral Resource Specialist, Vacant 444-5370
Petroleum Engineer, Trevor Taylor 444-9518
Auditor, Marie Cronin 444-9703

Real Estate Management Bureau

Bureau Chief, Mike Atwood 444-3844
Lease Manager, Heather Noel 444-0518
Commercial Leasing Specialist, John Grimm 444-0837
Public Access Specialist, Ryan Weiss 444-5576
ROW Specialist NW, Christina Hollenbeck 751-2253
Right-of-Way Section Supervisor, Lisa Axline 444-7431
Right-of-Way Specialist, Vacant 444-5718
Lands Section Supervisor, Kelly Motichka 444-4165
Administrative Assistant, Dena Bennett 444-1445
Marketing and Commercial Dev., Gary Zipperian 444-0915
 Real Estate Fiscal Analyst, Brett Holzer 444-1363


1424 9th Avenue
PO Box 201601
Helena, MT 59620-1601
HB-110 Hotline 406-444-0560
Phone 444-6601
FAX Number 444-0533
Administrator, Jan Langel 444-6605
Operations Manager, Vacant 444-0559
Fiscal/Human Resource Manager, Cindi Dillon 444-6608
Administrative Support Manager, Cindy Forgey 444-6603
Administrative Support, Cheryl O'Connor 444-6601
Web Developer/Graphic Design, Martha Hodder 444-1557

State Water Projects Bureau

Phone 444-6646
FAX Number 444-5918
Bureau Chief, Kevin Smith 444-2932
Administrative Support, Mattie Murphy 444-6646
Project Rehabilitation Supervisor, Rob Kingery 444-6790
Rehabilitation Engineer, Brian Grant 444-5709
Rehabilitation Engineer, Sanna Yost 444-6665
Dam Safety Engineer, Joshua Gilstrap 444-6692
Project Management Section Supervisor, Brian Holling 444-5710
Environmental Science Specialist, Jim Domino 444-6622
Civil Engineer, Richard Misplon 444-6661
Accountant, Dolores Eustice 444-6650
Civil Engineer, David C. Larson 444-6653
Civil Engineer, Mark McNearney 444-6693
Civil Engineer Specialist, John Connors 444-5775
Water Resource Specialist, Randy Laskowski 444-6658
Instrumentation Specialist, Brandon Watne 444-6629
Instrumentation Data Specialist, Julie Peterson 444-0542

Broadwater Power Project

Phone 266-3869
FAX Number 266-3869
Program Manager, David Lofftus 444-6659
Hydropower Plant Operator, Brian Carroll 266-3869
Jr. Hydropower Plant Operator, James Reedal 266-3869

Water Management Bureau

Phone 444-6637
FAX Number 444-0533
Bureau Chief, Paul Azevedo 444-6635
Administrative Support, Cheyrl O'Conner 444-6637
Hydroscience Section Supervisor/Ground Water Hydrogeologist, Russ Levens 444-6679
Surface Water Hydrologist, Chuck Dalby 444-6644
Surface Water Hydrologist, Larry Dolan 444-6627
Surface Water Hydrologist, Aaron Fiaschetti 444-0504
Surface Water Hydrologist, Mike Roberts 444-6641
Surface Water Hydrologist, Dave Amman 444-6648
Ground Water Hydrologist, Attila Folnagy 444-6630 
Water Hydrologist, James Heffner 444-9731 
Water Planning Section Supervisor, Michael Downey 444-9748 
Water Resource Planner, Vacant 444-6628
Water Resource Planner, Sara Meloy 444-4247
Water Resource Planner, Ann Schwend 444-1806
Surface Water Hydrologist, David Ketchum 444-4571
Compact Implementation Supervisor, Arne Wick 444-5700
Water Resources Specialist, Joel Harris 444-1270
Surface Water Hydrologist, Ethan Mace 542-5890
Water Conservation Specialist, Nikki Sandve 556-4505

Water Operations Bureau

Phone 444-0860
FAX Number 444-5918
Bureau Chief, Steve Story 444-6816
Administrative Support, Taylor Schatz 444-0862
Civil Engineer, Vacant 444-6816
Civil Engineering Specialist, Chadrick Hill 444-1358
Dam Safety Program/Civil Engineer, Michele Lemieux 444-6613
NFIP/CAP Coordinator, Traci Sears 444-6654
Floodplain Outreach, Worby McNamee 444-1343
Floodplain Outreach, Tiffany Lyden 444-0599
Civil Engineer Specialist, Nicole Decker 444-6656
Dam Safety Specialist, Vacant  
Floodplain Specialist, Vacant 444-1300
Emergency Action Coordinator, Vacant 444-9362

Water Rights Bureau

Phone 444-6610
FAX Number 444-0533
Bureau Chief, Millie Heffner 444-0581
Hearings Officer, David Vogler 444-6835
Hearings Officer/WR Specialist, Vacant 444-9755
Hearings Assistant, Jamie Price 444-6615
Water Resources IT Liaison, Jamie Ellis 444-9754
New Appropriations Manager, James Ferch 406-752-2735
New Appropriations Specialist, Troy Lechman 444-9755
New Appropriations Specialist, Jenn Daly 444-1307
Records Program Manager, Nancy Hughes 444-6694
Data Imaging Operator, Elise Moore



Data Imaging Operator, James Bush 444-1356
Data Imaging Operator, Amanda O'Dell 444-6626
Data Imaging Operator, Jessi Grace 444-6620
Data Imaging Operator, Dana Johns 444-6620
Data Imaging Operator, Charles Stambaugh 444-6657
Data Imaging Operator, Kaleb Zebrun-Gero 444-1311

Water Adjudication Bureau

910 Helena Avenue
PO Box 201602
Helena, MT 59620-1602
Phone 444-0560
FAX Number 444-0569
Bureau Chief, John Peterson 444-6618
Water Resource Specialist Supervisor, Matt Murphy 444-0480
Water Resource Specialist Supervisor, Laura Hinck 444-0486
Quality Control Specialist, Zach Marshall 444-3177
Compliance Technician, Autumn Mitchell 444-0560
Water Resource Specialist, Vacant 444-0516
Water Resource Specialist, John Beyrau 444-0541
Water Resource Specialist, Rebecca Canright 444-0483
Water Resource Specialist, Noel Ferguson 444-1688
Water Resource Specialist, Margie Haikka 444-0905
Water Resource Specialist, Misty Hauer 444-0484
Water Resource Specialist, Jake Gruber 444-0508
Water Resource Specialist, Vacant 444-4481
Water Resource Specialist, Tamara Meyer 444-5845
Water Resource Specialist, Fred Offenkrantz 444-0497
Water Resource Specialist, Gabrielle Ostermayer 444-6006
Water Resource Specialist, Pete Petersen 444-4965
Water Resource Specialist, Roxa Reller 444-1410
Water Resource Specialist, Elizabeth Miller 444-5903

Water Resources Regional Office

1424 9th Avenue
PO Box 201601
Helena, MT 59620-1601
Deputy Regional Manager, Bryan Gartland 444-5783
FAX Number 444-9317