Environmental Quality, Department of

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1520 E Sixth Ave
PO Box 200901 Helena, MT 59620-0901

Board Secretary 444-2544


1520 E Sixth Ave


PHONE (406)
Website www.deq.mt.gov
PO Box 200901, Helena, MT 59620-0901 444-2544
FAX Number 444-4386
TTY 444-6332
Director, Tom Livers 444-2544
Deputy Director, George Mathieus 444-6432
Special Projects, Bonnie Lovelace 444-1760
Business & Records Manager, Joyce Wittenberg 444-6701
Safety Director, Larry Alheim 444-5382

Communications Office

1520 E Sixth Ave

Public Policy Director/MEPA Unit Manager, Kristi Ponozzo 444-2813
Permitting & Compliance Division PIO, Lisa Peterson 444-2929
Planning Division PIO, Paul Driscoll 444-6421
Remediation Division PIO, Jeni Flatow 444-6469

Legal Unit

1520 E Sixth Ave

Legal Unit - Main Number 444-2630
Chief Counsel, John North 444-2018
Chief Remediation Counsel, William Kirley 444-6549
Attorney Specialist, Kurt Moser 444-4009
Attorney Specialist, Paul Nicol 444-5690
Attorney Specialist, Cynthia Brooks 444-6360
Attorney Specialist, Becky Convery 444-6347
Attorney Specialist, Katherine Haque-Hausrath 444-6490
Attorney Specialist, Ed Hayes 444-1425
Attorney Specialist, Kirsten Bowers 444-4222
Attorney Specialist, Norm Mullen 444-4961
Attorney Specialist, Thad Adkins 444-0210
Attorney Specialist, Dana David 444-2626
Attorney Specialist, Carol Schmidt 444-1422
Attorney Specialist, Brad Smith 444-6456
Attorney Specialist, Jon Morgan 444-6589
Vacant 444-2630
Paralegal, Penney Clark 444-6412

Personnel Unit

1520 E Sixth Ave

Personnel Unit - Main Number 444-4218
Personnel Unit - Fax 444-5330
HR Manager, Peggy MacEwen 444-6717
HR Specialist, Kathleen Field 444-9014
HR Specialist, Joy Conquergood 444-4219
Payroll/HR Technician, Carrie Greeley 444-4218


1520 E Sixth Ave

PO Box 200901, Helena MT 59620-0901 444-2442
Chief Financial Officer, Vacant 444-3276
Contracts Officer, Vicki Woodrow 444-3101
Internal Auditor, Julie Massey 444-5301
Computer Systems Analyst, Sean Behlmer 444-6744
FAX Number 444-1804


Accounting Manager, Jeanice Boyd 444-0201
Senior Accountant, Chino Suzuki 444-4322
Accountant, Carla Trueblood 444-1298
Accountant/Contracts Assistant, Tammy Stineback 444-5695
Accounting Tech, Ali Holland 444-5339
Accountant, Christina Holmes 444-0435
Accounting Tech, Peggy Peters 444-5382


Budget Manager, Terry Lazure 444-2855
Budget Analyst, Karen Anthony 444-2443
Budget Analyst, Deb Call 444-7478
Budget Analyst, Janet Kessler 444-6725
Budget Analyst, Vacant 444-2567


1520 E Sixth Ave


DEQ Help Desk 444-1840
Chief Information Officer, Dan Chelini 444-4201
Application Development, Jerry Steinmetz 444-2070
Business Development Manager, Dave Nagel 444-6758
Systems Administration Manager, Mike Jares 444-7994


1520 E Sixth Ave

PO Box 200901, Helena, MT 59620-0901 444-0379
Administrator, John Arrigo 444-5327
Admin Manager/Budget Analyst, Brenda Thomas 444-4010
Enforcement Program Manager, Chad Anderson 444-2964
Citizen Environmental Complaints/Spill Reporting 444-0379


1520 E Sixth Ave

PO Box 200901, Helena, MT 59620-0901 444-4323
Acting Administrator, Robert Habeck 444-0496
Financial Operations Manager, Denise Kelly 444-4964
Program & Policy Coordinator, Bob Habeck 444-7305
FAX Number 444-1374

Air Resources Management Bureau

Main Number 444-3490
Bureau Chief, Dave Klemp 444-0286
Smoke Management Hotline 1-800-225-6779
FAX Number 444-1499

Air Quality Monitoring Analysis & Planning Program

Program Manager, Annette Williams 444-5281
Air Quality Policy & Planning Section Supervisor, Eric Merchant 444-1457
Air Quality Monitoring Section Supervisor, Doug Kuenzli 444-6695

Air Quality Permitting, Compliance & Registration Program

Program Manager, Hoby Rash 444-5279
Air Quality Permitting Section Supervisor, Julie Merkel 444-3626
Air Quality Compliance Section Supervisor, Dan Walsh 444-9786
Air Quality Registration Section Supervisor, Dave Aguirre
49 N Main, Butte, MT 59701
782-2689 ext 205

Environmental Management Bureau

Main Number 444-4953
Bureau Chief, Warren McCullough 444-6791
Construction of Large Power Lines and Pipelines, Craig Jones 444-0514
Construction of Large Power Lines and Pipelines, James Strait 444-6765
Hard Rock Mining of Gold, Copper, Silver or Other Minerals, Herb Rolfes 444-3841
FAX Number 444-1499

Industrial & Energy Minerals Bureau

2001 11th Ave

Main Number 444-4970
Bureau Chief, Ed Coleman 444-4973
Coal & Uranium Prospecting & Mining Supervisor, Chris Yde 444-4967
Opencut Mining (Sand, Gravel, Bentonite, Soil, Clay, Scoria, & Peat) Supervisor, Chris Cronin 444-2871
FAX Number 444-4988

Public Water Supply and Subdivisions Bureau

Main Number 444-4400
Bureau Chief, Jon Dilliard 444-2409
Engineering Services, Rachel Clark 444-6722
Public Water Supply Monitoring & Reporting Section Supervisor, Eugene Pizzini 444-6972
Subdivision Review Science Program Manager, Barb Kingery 444-5368
Water & Wastewater Operator Certification, Reta Therriault 444-3434

Waste & Underground Tank Management Bureau

Main Number 444-5300
FAX Number 444-1374
Bureau Chief, Ed Thamke 444-6748
Asbestos Control Program, Deb Grimm 444-2690
Hazardous Waste Program Manager, Mark Hall 444-4096
Meth Cleanup Program Lead, Deb Grimm 444-2690
Motor Vehicle Recycling & Disposal Program Manager, Vacant 444-3048
Septic Tank Pumpers and Land Farms, Rick Thompson 444-5345
Solid Waste Management Systems Program Manager, Rick Thompson 444-5345
Underground Storage Tanks Program Manager, Vacant 444-1417

Water Protection Bureau

Main Number 444-3080
Bureau Chief, Jon Kenning 444-0420
Wastewater Discharge Permits Relating to Surface Water,
Groundwater and Storm Water
Compliance and Technical Support Section Supervisor, Vacant 444-0917
Water Quality Discharge Permit Section Supervisor, Vacant 444-3639



PO Box 200901 Helena, MT 59620-0902 444-9710
Petro Board Director, Terry Wadsworth 444-9712
FAX Number 444-9711
TOLL Free Number 1-800-556-5291


1520 E Sixth Ave

PO Box 200901 Helena, MT 59620-0901 444-6697
Administrator, Christian Schmidt 444-7423
Financial Manager, Susan Schwend McEachern 444-6755
FAX Number 444-6836

Water Quality Planning Bureau

1520 E Sixth Ave

Main Number 444-6697
Bureau Chief, Eric Urban 444-2680
Information Management & Technical Services, Michael Pipp 444-7424
Quality Control and Assurance Section Supervisor, Mindy McCarthy 444-6754
Monitoring & Assessment Section Supervisor, Darrin Kron 444-4765
Water Quality Standards Supervisor, Vacant 444-5320
Watershed Management Section Program Manager, Dean Yashan 444-5317
Watershed Protection Section Supervisor, Robert Ray 444-5319

Technical & Financial Assistance Bureau

1520 E Sixth Ave
Main Number 444-6697
Bureau Chief, Todd Teegarden 444-5324
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Supervisor, Mark Smith 444-5325
Source Water Protection Program Supervisor, Joe Meek 444-4806
Wastewater Technical Assistance & Training, Bill Bahr 444-5337
Water Pollution Control State Revolving Fund Supervisor, Paul Lavigne 444-5321
Wetlands Protection Program, Vacant 444-6652

Energy & Pollution Prevention Bureau

PO Box 200901 Helena, MT 59620-0901
Main Number 444-6697
Bureau Chief, Laura Andersen 444-6588
Recycling, Energy and Compliance Assistance Section Supervisor, Bonnie Rouse 444-6439
Radon Hotline 1-800-546-0483
Energy Planning & Renewables Section Supervisor, Brian Spangler 444-6459
Small Business Assistance Hotline 1-800-433-8773

Remediation Division

PO Box 200901 Helena, MT 59620-0901

PO Box 200901 Helena, MT 59620-0901 444-6444
Division Administrator, Jenny Chambers 444-6383
Financial Specialist, Sherry Blair 444-0217
Remediation Public Relations Specialist, Jeni Flatow 444-6469
CERCLA/CECRA Hotline 1-800-246-8198
Abandoned Mine Program (AML) Supervisor, Autumn Coleman 444-6555
Construction Program Manager, Tom Stoops 444-6445
Superfund Hotline 1-800-246-8198

Hazardous Waste Site Cleanup Bureau

Main Number 444-6444
Bureau Chief, Mike Trombetta 444-6463
LUST/Brownfields Section Supervisor, Jeff Kuhn 444-6567
Petroleum Technical Section Supervisor, Rebecca Ridenour 444-6436
Site Response Section Supervisor, Denise Martin 444-6578
State Superfund Section Supervisor, Moriah Bucy 444-6366
Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Hotline 800 457-0568